Why You Need to Support Contemporary African Art with Absolut

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Art is absolutely everywhere. It’s on the side of buildings, in malls, on homeowners’ walls, on our phones and all over the internet. You may think you aren’t a big art fan, but if you know what constitutes contemporary art, you most certainly are. Well, at least more than you thought you were.


You may already, unknowingly, be supporting contemporary African art. So, why not support it on purpose for a change? There are so many reasons why you should. And, thanks to Absolut, it’s never been easier or more accessible to do so.

There’s more to African art than tribal masks

The concept video that Absolut put together for their African art campaign (which we will discuss in more detail later on), basically brings to light the reality of what the world thinks African art is based on the Google Search results. But the fact of the matter, that not enough people know about, is that African art is more than traditional tribal masks, ritualistic artefacts and customary depictions of African people.

There is a contemporary side to African art that has been trying to share the stage with the traditional pieces. As with any continent’s art industry, there are different types of art. And if you did a bit of research, you’ll be amazed at the different African art styles and how brilliant they actually are.

And it’s not to say that there are no references to traditional African themes in the contemporary art pieces. Many themes are still linked to African history, but they are portrayed in a modern way and deliver a more relevant message to the current audience. You will find similarities between the old and the new. But you need to acknowledge and share the fact that there is more to African art.

Support contemporary African art to support your continent

Another reason why you support contemporary African art is to support your continent. All over Africa, you find young and emerging artists who have something to say. And, generally, when artists speak through their artwork, they make waves in social and political circles. They communicate on behalf of a society who has been shunned into silence.

By supporting the artists in your country, you are supporting your country’s people. And you’re also promoting the highs and lows that are associated with your people. It’s not always about the negative things, art is also about progress and looking to the future.

Where there’s good, photographers will capture it. Where there’s beauty, an artist will paint it. Where there is love, videographers will share it. Where there is fun, an illustrator will elevate it. And where there are memories and lessons, musicians will sing about it. Art is all around you and all around your country. It’s a form of celebration of the times and motivation for even better times.

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Be a part of the new African story with Absolut

By supporting contemporary African art, you are becoming part of the new African story. And Absolut provides you with the opportunity to do so through their One Source Live (OSL) movement. This campaign gives you the power to change the rankings on the “African art” Google Search by up-voting on one (or all) of the images on the One Source Live website.

It’s as simple as clicking on one of the images from this online gallery if you will. And you can vote as many times as you like, for as many images of art as you like. The collection of art pieces you can choose from, feature a variety of African artists from all over the continent. You’ll probably find a few from your home country and that ought to bring you some pride in where your people are going in the world.

And that’s also what this OSL movement is trying to do. They are giving these artists their due exposure and showing off how talented and amazing African people are. And Absolut wants the world to know that this is what Africa’s people are capable of. As well as to show that the continent is united in displaying their pride.

“Change the way the world sees Africa” with Absolut and show your support for the contemporary art this continent is producing.

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