Wildly Popular ‘What Do You Meme?’ Card Game Now Available in SA!

what do you meme

What do you mean ‘What Do You Meme’? If you’ve heard of Cards Against Humanity, then you’ll understand that this is a big deal: ‘What Do You Meme?’ is the newest, wittiest game to enter the South African market and it’s just surpassed Cards Against Humanity as Amazon’s number one Toy and Game globally! Yes indeed, your winter evenings in just got a whole lot better!

Do you consider yourself somewhat of a meme-god? ‘WDYM?’ is the game for you! Created by a well-known Instagram meme account, the game is a relaxed, slightly (very) crass form of entertainment to enjoy with 3 to 2o players – everyone can get involved. It’s aimed at teens and adults (rated 17+) as it contains some profanity.

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Players compete by pairing Caption Cards with the Photo Card in play and a rotating, changing judges chooses the best combination each round in terms of wittiness and humour. The game already has four expansion packs available, namely: Stoners, Game of Thrones, Basic B#*tch and Fresh Memes, with tons more exciting packs to follow soon.

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The creator of the famous Instagram page, Elliot Tebele, came up with the idea after he noticed that people were constantly engaging with others through memes on social media pages like Facebook and Instagram. He then thought of a way to make memes truly social, bringing people together in real life rather than online and the game was born.

Get your hands on the ‘What Do You Meme’? card game here

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