Wolf & Women Delivers a Month’s Supply of Natural, Healthy Treats to Your Door [Review]

Wolf and Women

Most days my dog eats better than I do. Ask him though and chances are he’ll spin you tale about how he doesn’t get nearly enough treats. It’s a good thing dogs can’t talk. Being a Labrador, my pup Sully has an insatiable appetite for treats, in fact anything that looks remotely edible, and if he’s not eating or entranced by a treat or bone of some kind he’s licking his paws. These days it feels like the act of checking that Sully isn’t licking his paws, and then asking Sully to pleaaaaaase stop licking his paws, takes up most of my day. Which is why I always have to ensure our house is stocked to the brim with doggy snacks. Of course, not all dog treats are created equal so I have to be careful to only give him healthy treats that aren’t loaded with calories or that at least have some kind of nutritional benefit. Keeping my dog’s snack cupboard filled to the brim (yes he has a whole cupboard) with healthy treats has pretty much become a full time job so you can imagine how excited I was to discover there was a convenient local solution to bring Sully’s snacks to me – enter the Wolf and Women subscription box.

Wolf and Women specialises in natural, healthy treats for dogs and its monthly treats subscription box helps to ensure dog owners always have a nutritious, delicious treat on hand for their furry friend. Subscription boxes are available for small, medium and larger breeds so you simply select the subscription that’s right for your pooch and wait for the box to arrive a your doorstep each month. The beautiful wooden Wolf and Women box contains 30 Vet-formulated one-a-day treats along with a handy day-to-day treat calendar to tick off each day’s treats and help you ensure your fur ball has a balanced treat diet. Beautifully wrapped in individual biodegradable packaging, each treat is chockfull of essential nutrients and and minerals that promote optimal health and well-being for your dog.

Wolf and Women

Each treat contains high quality, naturally-derived ingredients that will help your dog stay healthy and the included calendar outlines the best time for each nutrient-rich treat to be given to dogs to ensure full benefit of the core nutrient. The treats include 17 iron-enriched treats (bone shaped), 5 omega-enriched treats (whale shaped) and 8 vitamin boosters (strawberry shaped) that your dog will love (Sully licked his lips after each treat so I assume he loved them!). While I couldn’t interview Sully about his experience with these treats, his reaction whenever I went to the box to give him his daily Wolf and Women treat spoke volumes – he’d sit like the perfect good boy waiting for his treat, staring longingly at my hand when it was gone as if to say; ‘more please!” Wolf and Woman creator, and animal lover, Kyne Lupini, says she created these healthy treats to not only ensure that canine companions are given the best quality treats but also to help nurture the bond between pet-lovers and their beloved fur children – and I must say, after just one month of having this daily treat ritual with Sully I definitely think she’s on to something!

“I believe that there is a wolf in every dog and a wild side to every woman,” says Kyne. “Love, friendship and loyalty are the mantras of Wolf and Women that come across in everything we offer. We believe in providing value, which means the healthier option, organic, biodegradable and of course fun for both of you.”

Wolf and Women
Wolf and Women started selling dog treats in 2016, and now has also expanded into offering a range of Wolf and Women omega oil supplements, natural grooming products, pet milestone cards and even dog cakes. I love the sound of the itch relief spray, and a protective, soothing snout and paw butter in the range and will definitely be giving that a try soon (did I mention Sully licks his paws a lot?).

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Wolf and Women treat boxes are available on a monthly subscription basis as well as once-off purchases at R135 per month for small dogs, R159 for medium sized dogs, and R179 for large dogs. Bi-monthly subscriptions are also available. Each month, a new and exciting treat is included with every new subscription box, adding even more ways for owners to bond with their canine children. Box subscriptions can be paused or cancelled at any time with no obligations or hidden costs.

For more information and to order your treat box now visit the Wolf and Women website.

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