5 Things to Consider When Starting Your Own Business

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Ladies don’t panic, but today is the last day of August 2015 – no really, look at your calendars! Which means bye-bye Women’s Month (sad face). Of course, we can, and should continue to celebrate the power of women for the rest of the year but we thought that we would round off this year’s Women’s Month with one last inspirational story. So far we have already brought you a story on 3 South African Women To Look Up To (read it here) and a piece on 5 Food and Wine Pairings from Women in Winemaking (read it here) but now we are going to focus on a dynamic female duo who are taking the PR world by storm. If you’re thinking of taking the plunge and starting your own business then you need to read our interview with founders and directors of Butter Knife PR, Marisa Logan and Leandi Jamneck and take note of these 5 Things to Consider When Starting Your Own Business!

Leandi and Marisa started Butter Knife PR in 2013 and the company has gone on to managed campaigns for brands such as The Cotton On Group, The Balvenie, Glenfiddich, Grant’s, iFix, Sir Fruit, Disaranno, Hendrick’s Gin, Uber Flavour, James Bensen and Cointreau. Owning their own PR company at a young age, Leandi and Marisa state that their success didn’t come without a lot of hard work. “There is a lot of competition in the industry and we, therefore, have to stay on top of what is trending and ensure we implement successful campaigns that will achieve our clients’ objectives,” says Marisa. Want to learn more? Keep reading to see their tips on starting a business.

1. Don’t be afraid to mix business with pleasure

We’re sure you’ve heard it often – don’t mix business with pleasure and never start a business with a friend. We’ve heard so many stories about relationships going sour because of business but Marisa and Leandi have managed to make their friendship and their business work. There say that there are so many benefits to working with your friend. “The continuous support, strong trust and fun memories you get to make together,” are just some the things the two ladies list as benefits to starting a business with a friend. “It can be very challenging going into business with a good friend,” said Marisa and Leandi. “But fortunately, we both worked together before we became friends so we were familiar with our strengths and how we work best together.”

2. Just do it!

These two ladies threw caution to the wind and did something they had always dreamed of doing. Don’t let your fears and doubts get you down, if you believe you can be a success then just do it. Owning your business means that you can do things your way and work on the things you are passionate about. “We wanted to work on brands that we are passionate about and believe in,” said Marisa and Leandi on why they decided to start their own business. “After both of us were awarded with the Best Up and Coming PR Professional award (in 2010 and 2011) by PRISM, we built up incredible relationships with media, influencers and brand managers in SA and therefore decided to take that leap of faith by executing campaigns that we can resonate with and are proud of.”

3. Age is just a number

When they started Butterknife PR Marisa and Leandi were just 23 and 25 years-old. While that meant that they had to work to gain credibility at their age they didn’t let it stop them! But that wasn’t the only challenges they faced when starting out, the ladies explained that “being in charge of seven employees and having an impact on each of their lives” was also challenging. As owners, they also have to wear many hats every day so be prepared to become a jack of all trades. “We are involved with all aspects of the business from HR to IT to finance,” said Marisa and Leandi. “Thus time management and making sure all tasks are done to the best of our capabilities, can be very draining.”

4. Learn from your mistakes

When asked if they could go back in time and give themselves just one piece of advice both ladies said that they would remind themselves to be more mindful and enjoy every phase of the companies growth. “We are very hard on ourselves and often forget to sit back and look at how far we have come, said Marisa and Leandi. “Also remember to not take anything for granted – work hard, play hard!” But the ladies were also quick to point out that while they work hard there are also many rewarding parts to their job. The ladies count having control of their own time as a fortunate way to live life and find that working closely with their staff and clients can be the ultimate reward. “Mentoring and training staff is very rewarding, said Marisa and Leandi. “It’s also great to work with closely with clients and brands that you genuinely feel passionate about.”

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5. Be passionate and committed

When asked if they thought female entrepreneurs face a unique set of challenges when starting a business the ladies answered that while they are lucky to work in PR, a female dominated industry that women are on the same playing field as their male counterparts. “If you’re passionate, committed and good at what you’re doing, then there is no room for failure.” Words to live by ladies, write that down!

For more information on Butter Knife PR and Marisa Logan and Leandi Jamneck visit the Butter Knife PR website

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