Your Bra Size Matters: A Lingerie Expert’s Guide to Getting the Right Fit

perfect bra size

A seemingly simple item of clothing – a bra – can either make or break your day. Have you ever been sat in a meeting and felt the need to discretely fix a bra strap that’s fallen off your shoulder, or ridden up your back? When it comes to boosting your confidence and comfort, the perfect sized bra is the key! But how do you find the right fit? Lingerie and swimwear experts, Barclay & Clegg give us the low-down on how to make sure you find the perfect bra fit.

Forget about sizes!

Despite popular belief, not everyone has a specific bra size, in fact, your bra size will vary according to different styles and fabrics. Instead of stressing over finding a 34B rather try on a few sizes in the same style to find your perfect fit. The back band of your bra should hug the smallest part of your back and be at that same level in the front and your underwire should never cut into your chest but must fit snugly around your breasts. If you experience any pain of sorts such as red marks on your shoulders or sides when you take off your bra, you should consider booking a professional bra fitting.

The perfect fit

When buying and fitting a new bra, lift your arms to ensure that it doesn’t ride up your back or front and that it feels comfortable. New bras should be fastened on the loosest hooks and adjusted tighter over time, as washing and general use will ultimately relax the fit of the bra.

Take care

The general consensus is that good quality, expensive bras should last you around two years if taken care of properly. This includes always hand washing with gentle soaps, and never tumble drying as it can wear down the fabric. Bleaching and ironing your bras may also damage delicate lace and trimmings, and should be avoided at all costs.

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If you’re still unsure of which bra to buy pop into your nearest Barclay & Clegg store – the South African brand has been around for 25 years and offers free 20-minute bra fitting consultations with trained staff. 

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