10 New Beauty Products You Need to Try in October!

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It’s time for another WomenStuff beauty round up! Every month our beauty desk is inundated with new beauty products to try – from new skincare product releases to fabulous new makeup items and more, there’s always something exciting popping up. So, I decided to put them all together for you in one convenient place so you get all the reviews and news on the latest must-try beauty products without having to sift through a million articles. Most of the products featured here have been personally reviewed by me, so you know they’re aces but I’ve also included some interesting finds that I can’t wait to try. Here are 10 new beauty products to try in October!

Reviewed by Me

1. Morgan Taylor – ‘Street Beat’ Summer 2016 Collection:

Morgan Taylor Street Beat

Morgan Taylor is back with a new collection of stunning colours for summer. ‘Street Beat’ is a punchy, bright nod to 80s graffiti artists and includes a range of bold and oh-so-vibrant shades that will instantly lift your mood. Think exciting yellows and punchy pinks, think ‘Street Beat’. I got the chance to try out some of the new shades and my favourite so far is ‘Tag, You’re It’ – it’s a beautiful pink with loads of attitude and will go brilliantly with your summer tan. In other Morgan Taylor news; if you haven’t yet gotten your hands on the new Morgan Taylor REACT nail system then you’re missing out! The Gelish-infused technology helps to improve any polish in your collection, including your existing Morgan Taylor polish, and bonds with nail lacquer to give you up to 10 days of wear with no chipping or fading. Trust me, it really works, read my review here!

The limited edition ‘Street Beat’ collection is in stores now for R138 per bottle.

2. Tweexy Wearable Nail Polish Holder:

Tweexy nails

This wearable silicone ring nail polish holder is a beauty junky’s dream come true. The clever little gadget is so simple but oh-so-effective when you’re painting your own nails at home. Not only does the ring prevent spills and knock-overs but it also makes painting your nails so much easier since the bottle is a just a short dip away. So how does it work? The Tweexy attaches to two fingers and holds your nail polish bottle in place while you paint your talons – simply clip it on, pop the nail polish bottle inside and the little silicone grips on the side and on the bottom will ensure that the bottle stays put. Want to know more? Read my full review on Tweexy here.

Tweexy is available to order online for R225 (excl postage). For orders email natalie@tweexyza.co.za.

3. Optiphi Adagio Eau de Toilette:

Optiphi Adagio

A delightfully refreshing fragrance with a complex bouquet made up of layers of pink pepper, juniper berry, Bergamot, rose, sandalwood, and lily. Opthiphi’s first fragrance is a definitely a winner of note. I adore this fragrance which was carefully crafted to offer the discerning woman an affordable fragrance that will serve to lift her mood no matter the occasion. I love it as an everyday scent but I also like to whip it out for a special occasion when the mood calls for something soft and pretty.

Optiphi Adagio is available at select spas nationwide at R695 for 50ml.

4. Palladio Oil-absorbing Blotting Tissues:

palladio rice paper

These translucent tissues are a lifesaver of note when you’re out on the town and want to touch up your make-up. With these tissues you can easily absorb excess oil on the skin at home and in restaurant bathroom. They’re super compact and the box will easily fit into your purse or make-up bag when you’re on the go. Use the matte side to blot away shine and the powdered side for touch ups where you need it most. The finely milled powder on the powder side of the blotting paper also helps to blur fine lines without setting in skin creases and is the perfect light-weight pick-me-up when you’re too busy to re-do your make-up from the morning. I can’t get enough of these little lifesavers and I don’t know how I lived without them!

Each box contains 40 tissues and will set you back R69.95. The Palladio Oil Absorbing Blotting Tissues are available from Dis-Chem pharmacies nationwide. 

5. BioNike Defence Sun Self-Tanning Face & Body Moisturising Milk:

BioNike Defence Sun Self-Tanning Face & Body Moisturising Milk:

This hero product is definitely the easiest way to keep your glow all year long. With this bottle of goodness, faux is fabulous and oh-so-natural. The unique formulation contains two self-tanning ingredients (DHA and erithrulose) to allow you to achieve a natural looking tan that develops super quickly on the skin. It also includes a special vegetable melanin complex to give you a more golden, natural-looking tan. I love it because it is super moisturising for the skin (especially skin that is prone to dryness like mine) and because it’s so, so easy to ensure that you get an even, blotch-free tan. I’ve used this product on both my face and legs with excellent results. The thicker milk-like consistency of the product allows you to easily blend it into the skin and because it’s moisturising it doesn’t stick to drier areas like knees and toes like other tanning products do.

BioNike Defence Sun Self-Tanning Face & Body Milk is available from Dis-Chem Pharmacies nationwide at R99.95.

6. INOAR Flowers Cherry Blossom Range:

Inoar Cherry blossom

Moving on to the topic of hair care, this limited edition INOAR Flowers Cherry Blossom duo pack is a must-have. The limited edition shampoo and conditioner series offers ladies a beautifully light cherry blossom formula to encourage healthy hair growth. Cherry blossom is jam packed with anti-oxidants and this unique product will stimulate and soothe the scalp to ensure shiny and weightlessly hydrated hair! The conditioner, in particular, is fabulous because it hydrates locks without weighing down the hair. I loved using this product and it worked wonders when it came time to come out my hair (bye-bye knots and tangles!) Both products also leave the most beautiful sweet, floral scent on your hair. 

Find it at select salons around South Africa at R490 for the duo pack.

7. Jeanne Arthes Sultane Noir Velour:

Jeanne Arthes Sultane Noir Velour

If you love exotic scents then you’ll adore this new offering from Jeanne Arthes. Sultane Noir Velour offers a delightful bouquet of fruity and floral aromas, reminiscent of an Arabian garden. Finished off with rich, velvety tones, the result is a unique eau de parfum for a woman who loves a little bit of mystery in her life. With top notes of bergamot and mimosa bases notes of musk, tonka bean and cedar, this fragrance oozes confidence and strength. I love it because it won’t break the bank – it’s also a fabulous everyday fragrance and is the perfect choice for a hot date!

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Jeanne Arthes. Sultane Noir Velour  is available at Dis-Chem Pharmacies nationwide at R199.

Things I Love this Month

8. Elizabeth Arden ‘I Love Eight Hour Cream’ LTD Edition:

Elizabeth Arden 'I Love Eight Hour Cream' LTD Edition

It’s no secret Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream is a hero product of note. I am a massive fan of this miracle product and wouldn’t be able to live without it. I always have the cream in my handbag and mainly use it as a lip balm and to moisturiser ultra dry spots in winter. The cream is known for its soothing and moisturising properties and can be used to soothe sunburns, treat cuts and scrapes, and even moisturise cuticles – it’s a multi-use wonder. If, like me, you’re a huge fan of Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream then you’ll love this ‘I Love Eight Hour Cream’ LTD Edition pack. The packaging is all kinds of beautiful and is available while stocks last this October and beyond.

Elizabeth Arden ‘I Love Eight Hour Cream’ LTD Edition is available at select stockist at R265.

9. Noughty 97% Natural Haircare:


I am super excited about the launch of this new brand in South Africa. Noughty promises to be the answer for lasses and lads who want a more natural alternative when it comes to hair care. Noughty claims to be 97% natural and their products are free from petrochemicals, parabens, sulphates and silicones. These products are loaded with all sorts of nourishing oils and good stuff to help your hair be the very best it can be. They also smell divine so if you’re a big fragrance girl then you’ll adore this stuff. I haven’t tested the products yet but they are on my list to try super soon. I received the ‘Care Taker’ range (for sensitive scalps and dandruff) as well as the Intensive Care leave-in conditioner but there is a range for almost every type of hair. The various ranges available include ‘To the Rescue’ (for frizzy, damaged hair), ‘Wave Hello’ (for curly or wavy hair), ‘Detox Dynamo’ (a 2-in-1 shampoo & conditioner), and ‘Rise & Shine (for normal or dry hair). Watch out for my full review on these products soon.

In the mean time find them at Clicks stores nationwide for R150 each.

10. Botanicals by Cotton On Body:

Cotton On Body

Cotton On Body has just unveiled a new bath and body range, Botanicals by Cotton On Body. The 12-piece range features must-have products for your bathroom, beauty bag or handbag, including; hand creams and wash, body oils and lotions and hair treatments. The Australian made products are paraben and sulphate free and are created using natural botanical extracts including aloe vera, chamomile and cacao butter. Aimed to help you unwind or find balance, energy and serenity, the range features the beautiful scents of toasted coconut, pomegranate, vanilla and patchouli and amber.

The Botanicals by Cotton On Body range is priced from R99 to R249 and will be rolled out to select Cotton On stores nationwide from October.

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