This Wearable Nail Polish Bottle Holder Makes Painting Your Nails a Breeze! [Review]

Tweexy nails

I’m not proud to admit it but I have the tendency to be a klutz of note. Which is why I hardly ever paint my own nails. Imagine the scene: There are am, on the couch, super chuffed with myself that I FINALLY found the time to give myself an at-home mani. And, with one over-exaggerated attempt to dip my brush back into the polish bottle, I knock over the bottle spilling the contents over whatever surface the bottle is resting on. I’d like to tell you that this is a rare occasion but it’s not. But, the great news is I’m not alone in my clumsiness. Nope, apparently this is a worldwide phenomenon. Which is why some clever clogs decided to invent the one manicure tool we never knew we needed – a wearable nail polish bottle holder that eliminates spills and knock-overs! Here’s the low-down on Tweexy and why you need this nifty little gadget in your manicure box.

This wearable silicone ring nail polish holder is a beauty junky’s dream come true. The clever little gadget was created by South Carolina natives Liz and Mark and is so simple but oh-so effective when trying to paint your own nails at home. Not only does the ring prevent spills and knock-overs but it also makes painting your nails so much easier since the bottle is a just a short dip away. So how does it work? The Tweexy attaches to two fingers and holds your nail polish bottle in place while you paint your talons – simply clip it on, pop the nail polish bottle inside and the little silicone grips on the side and on the bottom will ensure that the bottle stays put.

Tweexy nails

The Tweexy has expandable ring clasps, so it can fit any finger size, and the silicone suction cups mould to fit almost any nail polish bottle or brand. I say almost any bottle because I tested it with every nail polish in my collection (which is a lot) and it fit every polish, both big and small, square and round, with absolute ease. The only polish bottle the Tweexy struggled with was my large square Nail Inc, bottles because they were too wide to squish into the cup. I was a little disappointed that I couldn’t use the gadget with my favourite Nail Inc. colours but seeing how well it worked with every other polish in my collection I was willing to forgive and forget.

The great thing about Tweexy is that it allows you to paint your nails virtually anywhere – on a bus, in a car, on a train, on the beach, you name it! Plus, when you’re at home you won’t have to get out of bed or off the couch to find a surface to rest the bottle on. I tested it out at home and in the car (while I was a passenger) and I loved how easy it was to paint my nails on the go. Having the bottle so close to my nails made it super easy to paint with accuracy, even when in a moving car, and I didn’t have to worry about spilling polish everywhere.

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Tweexy nails
And, for those moments when you’ve reached the end of your favourite polish, Tweexy also helps you angle the bottle nicely while you paint so you can get to the very bottom of the polish bottle with ease. Plus, because the ring has ‘squeeze to open’ finger holes you can simply slip the ring off once you’re done using it – which means no smudges!

Tweexy is now available in South Africa in a range of colours including Bonbon Pink, Spa Green, and Sapphire Night. Order yours for R225 (excl postage). For more information say Hi to Tweexy ZA on Facebook and for orders email

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