100 Kettlebell Swings A Day Weight Loss: Boosting The Fat Burn

Weight training often isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when you think about weight loss. And yet, there are quite a few exercises that can help you simultaneously shed extra pounds and gain muscle mass. Kettlebell swings are one of those efficient all-purpose options. 100 kettlebell swings per day is a challenge for sure, but the outcome is worth it. Read below to learn the correct technique of kettlebell swings and reap all the benefits of this powerful exercise.

Benefits Of Kettlebell Swings


One of the first things you’ll appreciate in your 100 kettlebell swings a day weight loss program is the strength boost. One study compared a workout consisting of jump squats to one with kettlebells, and found the improvements in strength to be similar. Kettlebell training significantly increased maximum and explosive strength in a group of participants. So, if you’re striving to melt your excess fat and bulk up at the same time, it’s a fantastic choice.

Weight Loss

One of the unusual qualities of kettlebell swings is that they stimulate the release of testosterone and growth hormone. Those are precisely the hormones aiding fat loss. Testosterone, for instance, boosts muscle growth and fat burn.

Reduced back pain

Back pain plagues many people, young and old. It interferes with daily activities, worsens mood and overall quality of life. Fortunately, kettlebell swings can save you from this distress. It is proven that kettlebell training can reduce the intensity and frequency of pain in the lower back, neck, and shoulders. In addition, you’ll reduce the risk of lower back injury.

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100 Kettlebell Swings A Day Technique

For your kettlebell workout to cause good, not harm, it is crucial to follow the correct technique. When standing in a bent-over posture, you need to keep your back straight or you may injure yourself.

To perform a two-hand kettlebell swing, follow this instruction:

Stand with the feet shoulder-width apart with your knees slightly bent, and hold a kettlebell with both hands with the palms facing down. Squeeze the handle in both hands, keep your back straight and sink back into the hips to pull the kettlebell back between the legs under your hips. Lift the chest, quickly push the hips forward, and pull the knees back to swing the kettlebell up in front of your body. Let the kettlebell come up to chest height before pulling it back down between the legs and slightly sinking back into the hips to prepare for the next rep.

If you’re unsure whether your performance is proper, ask someone to watch you do the exercise. If you have no one around to ask, record a video on your phone and check. If you need more workouts, recommendations and precise instructions, BetterMe can offer all of that and even more!

Kettlebell Workout Tips

Remember to warm-up

Warming up before exercising prepares your body for the stress of vigorous exercise. It increases your productivity and decreases the risk of injury. In addition to this, it also mentally prepares you for your workout by creating a break between the workday and workout itself. Use dynamic stretches to let the blood flow through your muscles.

Have a carb snack

While carbohydrates have a bad reputation for weight loss, you will need them for your workouts. Carbohydrates are a performance-boosting fuel for your muscles. Eat a carb snack before exercise for best results. Use healthy carbohydrate sources such as quinoa, brown rice, fruits and vegetables in your diet.

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Drink Water

Drinking plenty of water is a must, especially before and after intense workouts. At least two litres a day should be your norm. If you are tired of plain water, you can add lemon or ginger to it. Ditch fizzy drinks, and be careful with juices – these are calories without satiety.

Sleep Well

Good sleep is the key to health, positive mood and weight loss. Lack of sleep stimulates your appetite since your body tries to make up for the lack of energy with fatty and salty foods. This is amplified even more if you exercise actively. Without 7-8 hours of sleep, you simply won’t have enough energy for effective workouts. At the same time, your productivity at work will worsen, and you will likely be more tired and irritable. Try to manage your routine to have enough good deep sleep.

Eat more protein

Protein is the building block of your body. It regenerates and builds new cells and tissues, and stimulates the creation of muscle mass. So, it is imperative for you to increase your protein intake if you are actively exercising. The best natural sources of protein are plant-based ones such as tofu and beans. Seafood is also incredibly healthy. At the same time, it is worth it to be moderate in the consumption of red meat, as this can negatively affect the cardiovascular system.


Stress is one of the hidden causes of weight gain. A lot of people overeat due to stressful situations in life, which can lead to serious weight gain. Unfortunately, sometimes stressful situations cannot be avoided, but you can always soften their perception. In many ways, you can make your life less stressful by changing perceptions, which is achieved through practices like yoga and meditation. Listening to calming music or just going for a walk in the nearest park can be of help to you as well. Nature brings tranquillity.

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