3 Reasons To Download an Internet Security App on Your Smartphone [Competition]


Like most people, your smartphone is probably near to bursting with apps, many of which you don’t need or even use. But how many of us ever download security apps to help protect us from the dangers of connecting online? Not a whole bunch. We don’t often think of the internet as being a dangerous place, even though it seems pretty obvious. While we use the web for its many benefits, it’s also the place where cybercriminals are actively waiting to steal your information. Passwords to banking sites, hijacking private accounts, malware and stealing people’s identities is a daily reality, so getting an app to help protect yourself should be high on your digital priority list. Here are 3 good reasons to download a security app today:

1. It protects your information

A good security app will protect all the information you log and store on your device. This includes protecting photos, videos, contact information and online transactions from prying eyes.

2. It can track your lost phone

Some security apps give you the option to activate an anti-theft feature, so if your phone is stolen and the GPS is on, you can track its location remotely. You can also erase all stored information remotely and restore it should you get the phone back.

3. You can ‘surf’ the internet safely

All good security apps will block every kind of internet scam or threat, so you can have peace of mind to be online safely. Even better, with these threats blocks, it’s impossible for cybercriminals to steal your identity or pretend to be you on social media or chat apps.

You can never be too careful with your online identity and information, so keep your online experience safe and fun by investing in a mobile security app today.

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** WIN!**

Still not convinced? Many of us rely on our smartphones to store information, connect and maintain relationships through email and text messages with our loved ones and communicate with our work colleagues. So just consider how devastating it would be if you lost all the information on your phone, or worse if your private information was cloned from your smartphone? Kaspersky Lab has recently launched the latest version of Kaspersky Internet Security – a solution that can help you to protect all your connected devices, from Windows, Mac, to Android, against the dangers or potential threats from the online world.

In line with this, Kaspersky Lab and WomenStuff are offering two lucky readers a chance to win 1 of 2 activation license codes of the latest Kaspersky Internet Security product.

To stand a chance of winning, send your name, contact details, and answer to the questions below to crystal@menstuff.co.za – don’t forget to use the subject line; “Kaspersky Lab Entry” in your email!


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