4 Unique Ideas For A Fun And Memorable Wedding Reception

wedding bouncy castle

Everybody loves doing the “Chicken Dance” at weddings. Or do they? If you are tired of the same old thing that every wedding seems to have then you need to change things up a bit for your own wedding reception.

There are so many creative people coming up with unique ideas for their reception, so it’s time to learn from them. When you incorporate some fun and out of the box ideas into your wedding, you will surely have a reception that people remember for years to come.

From the ceremony to the food to the entertainment, there are many opportunities to spice up your wedding.

Here are some fun ideas to make a memorable wedding.

1. Ditch the dance and play some games

Ok, you definitely should leave some space for the traditional dance with the bride and her father and then the bride and groom, but don’t have the entertainment be just a band or DJ and dancing.

Instead, have the guests play some games and be more involved. You can even have prizes to give to the winners of the competitions. What kind of competitions?

You can start with a wedding photo scavenger hunt. Some of these scavenger hunts can be done with an app that the guests download and then use their smartphones to play along. Others can be made up old school style and given out to the guests in print outs.

If you want fun to be non competitive, then having a bouncy castle for your guests to goof around in can be equally fun.

2. Hire a magician

This is actually becoming a thing right now. People are hiring a magician to entertain their guests at a wedding instead of the usual DJ or at least in addition.

This is far more interactive and interesting and something that people will remember for a while.

There are some R Rated magicians out there so be careful which one you hire unless you know that your guests can handle some risqué humour.

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3. Set up a portrait studio

Instead of just having a photographer take candid shots of the guests enjoying themselves, you can have a pop up studio set up where they can have professional style portraits done.

The benefits are that they can choose from a number of backdrops that fit their personality. There can even be costumes for them to wear to have even more fun with it.

You can even have a theme for the studio and costumes. Something like a Roaring 20’s theme would go over well or even some costumes from old Hollywood classics. The only limit is your imagination.

4. Go with food trucks

Instead of having a traditional wedding caterer, you can opt for several food trucks for your guests dining option. Have a vegetarian truck for the meat free eaters, a taco truck for those that like a little spice, and a pasta truck for everybody else.

Your guests will love the variety and it is more fun that sitting and being served.

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