5 Best Travel Gadgets to Help You Survive Any Trip

travel gadgets

Travelling can be amazing, but it can also be hell on Earth. There always seems to be a few things (or people) that can ruin your globe-trotting experience. However, we’ve found a handful of gadgets that can minimise those frustrations to make your holiday a trip to remember rather than a journey to forget.

Luggage Scooter

There’s not much worse than dredging through an airport following a long flight. But thanks to the Micro 3-in-1 Luggage Scooter, you can scoot through those large terminals with ease and speed in order to catch you next flight or make your way into the city. Famous DJ Steve Aoki even collaborated with Micro, and his signature edition even features Bluetooth Sound2Go speakers incorporated into the case, so you can listen to some great jams while gliding your way through the airport.


Knomad Mini Portable Organiser

One of the biggest stresses of travelling is being unorganised and forgetting something.The Knomad Mini Portable organiser eliminates that risk by giving you a compact and intuitive layout for all your personal items, not to mention it looks slick and stylish. Made from cotton canvas and leather, the organiser fits a tablet along with a smartphone, pen, credit cards, passport, and just about anything else you’ll need heading out to a meeting or when catching a business flight.
Knomad portable organiser

Richarge Premium Pocket Charger

These days, portable chargers aren’t a luxury but rather a necessity. RiCharge’s Premium Pocket Charger is one of the slickest and most impressive options on the market. It’s durable, light, and with its 6000 mAh battery, it can deliver the needed power to your tablet, mobile phone, portable game console, GPS, digital camera, or anything else you need while on the go.

Richarge Premium pocket Charger

SteelSeries Stratus Wireless Gaming Controller

Tablet and mobile gaming has advanced in leaps and bounds in recent years, with the likes of Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater and Grand Theft Auto: Vice City now available on various devices, but playing them with touch-screen controls is still not ideal. SteelSeries’ Stratus Wireless gaming controller turns any iPad or tablet into a mini-console, with the mini controller working in the same way as any traditional gaming pad, taking advantage of Bluetooth for a wireless experience with all the bells and whistles. Its miniature size means it’s also lightweight and portable, so it won’t take up much room in your bag, and a 10-hour battery life means it will survive most of the duration of a long-haul flight.


Knee Defender

Personal space and legroom are two things not often found on flights, with obnoxious passengers fully reclining their seats throughout the whole flight being the main culprits for this unfortunate situation. Enter the Knee Defender. Essentially locking the seat in front of you and preventing it from reclining (put that in your pipe and smoke it), the Knee Defender consists of two plastic clips which are placed at the top of either arm of the tray table and can be adjusted to allow a lot, a little or no recline. Checkmate.

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Knee Defender

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