5 Daily Practices for Learning to Love Your Body


This month FitKey is encouraging us to stop hating our bodies for its tiny imperfections and start practising a little self-love. We’ve all stood in front of the mirror and critiqued all the things we dislike about our bodies. Whether it’s pointing out that stubborn piece of underarm fat that refuses to budge or a little extra cushioning on your behind, ask any woman what’s wrong with her body and she will tell you without even having to think about it. But, when asked what they love about their bodies, many women struggle. Self-love is about acceptance, it’s about developing respect for your body and seeing it as a tool and teammate that helps you live life to your full potential. If you are struggling to love your body, you can let go of certain things in order to find that love again. Here are 5 daily practices for learning to love your body.

Ditch the scale

Believe it or not, the scale is not your friend. Many women let the number on the scale determine their sense of self-worth and when you think about it, it’s crazy to give something as trivial as a number so much control over your mind and body. You are more than any number and what matters most is how you feel, not how you look.

Stop the judgment

Make a deal with yourself to stop judging yourself by what you can’t do and instead celebrate the incredible things your body can do. Whether you’ve just managed to do one push up, complete a full 5-KM Parkrun, or a hold a plank for a full minute, it helps to remember that your body is capable of great things.

Challenge your body

The confidence you get from physical activity goes a long way to helping you feel more connected to your body and developing self-love. Get out there and try new things – attending a boxing class and finding out that you’re crazy strong or taking up yoga and realising you’re far more flexible than you thought will lead to a sense of pride in your body and everything it can do.


Be your own best friend

Getting affirmation from others is great but before you look for compliments from others don’t forget to be your body’s best friend first. Talk to yourself and treat yourself like you would your best friend. Be kind, gentle and compassionate to yourself. If your best friend missed a workout or gained a few kilogrammes you wouldn’t berate her for it, instead, you would encourage her to get back on track and ditch the judgement.

Your time is now

We’re all guilty of putting our lives on hold for ‘someday’. Don’t wait to reach your goal to enjoy your body. Your life is happening now and you can choose to let your negative attitude towards your body stop you from enjoying life or you can decide to love your body now. Yes, having fitness and health goals is good but that doesn’t mean that your body isn’t worth love on your journey to get there.

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