5 Genius Hacks with Glad Press ’n Seal

Glad Press n Seal

There’s no way around it; Glad’s new Press ‘n Seal wrap is an absolute game-changer. The versatile food storage wrap combines many benefits of existing wraps, foils, and food storage bags or containers in one handy product. While other wraps cling, Glad Press ‘n Seal wrap seals to surfaces including plastic, paper, wood, metal, Styrofoam containers, as well as glass.

The first sealable plastic wrap on the market Glad Press ‘n Seal is microwave-safe and lets you create a custom fit to seal freshness in. There are many uses for this unique wrap. From creating your own custom bags to freezing in individual portions. From helping to prevent spills to preventing splatter in the microwave, too. There are thousands of uses; from the kitchen, to the living garage, and even outdoors.

Not sure how to get the best out of this innovative wrap product? Here are 5 brilliant ways to use Glad Press ’n Seal in your home.

Glad Press ’n Seal

Keep your fridge fresh

Glad Press ‘n Seal is a kitchen saver of note. Everyone can agree that cleaning the fridge can be a real chore but with this wrap product, you can keep your fridge looking fresh and clean for longer. Line your fridge and pantry shelves with Press ’n Seal and you won’t have to scrub off sticky messes when they get grungy.

Top tip: While you’re working with the fridge, cover the top of the fridge to prevent it from getting dusty and grimy. This also works well on top of kitchen cabinets. You can also line the bottom of your garbage can with Press ’n Seal in case of spills or sticky messes.

Travel better

Press ’n Seal is ideal for travel. If you’re going away for a few days and don’t want to carry large bottles of medication or vitamins with you, then simply make little Press ’n Seal pouches for doses of pills. Cut a small piece of wrap, place your pills in the centre of one side and fold over, so the wrap seals to itself. Your medicine will stay clean in your pocket or purse for later. You can also use the wrap to keep jewellery tangle-free, neat, and organised when travelling. Just lay it on a piece of Press ‘n Seal wrap and then put another piece over top, press all around the edges of each jewellery item, then roll it up and place it in your bag.

Glad Press ’n Seal

Top tips: If you need a sealed cup lid while at the beach or while travelling, try sealing the top of an open cup with Press ’n Seal and poke a straw through the centre. Bugs will stay out, and it will be spill-proof (unless turned completely upside down of course).

No mess, no fuss

It’s no secret that having kids in the house is messy business. Luckily Press ’n Seal can help. Keep mess at bay by using Press ’n Seal. If your kids are getting ready to paint first cover the table area with Press ’n Seal to prevent art messes from getting on the table. Since the product sticks to the table, it won’t slide around like newspaper. You can also cover your child’s highchair tray or placemats with Press ’n Seal for easy clean up with messy food. Simply peel off and toss when you’re done for a no-fuss clean.

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Protect your digital devices

There are loads of ways Press ’n Seal can help protect your digital devices. Wrap your phone in Press ‘n Seal to prevent it from getting dirty, messy, or wet when you’re outside in horrible weather. You can still use the touch screen even with the plastic wrap on top. You can also wrap your electric door or alarm activator, car key, and even your wallet in Press ’n Seal to keep it dry around the pool, at the beach, or in the rain.

Glad Press ’n Seal

If you’re using your laptop or tablet to view a recipe while you cook then keep it safe with Press ’n Seal wrap. You can cover the keyboard and open ports of your laptop with the wrap to prevent ingredients from spilling on the keyboard, or cover the screen of your tablet with Press ’n Seal to protect it from spills in the kitchen.

A DIY wonder

Cleaning a paint tray is a nightmare. Not with Press ’n Seal. For easy clean-up, line a paint tray with Press ’n Seal and simply toss the wrap when you’re done. If you aren’t finished with the job, seal the paint tray for mess-free storage and then wrap the brushes in Press ’n Seal. Store them in the fridge to keep the paint from hardening on them.

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