5 Healthy, Guilt-Free Snacks To Enjoy During the Holidays

healthy snacks

The holiday season can be the perfect storm for bad eating, especially if you’re travelling. You’re under stress, surrounded by tempting, unhealthy treats and often tired and cranky from fighting crowds. But things are looking up— as far as convenience foods go, loads of stores have improved their healthy offerings so you don’t have to look hard to find satisfying, healthy snacks to enjoy when the cravings hit. Whether you’re hitting or staying in check out a few of my favourite healthy snacks to enjoy this holiday season.

1. Superfood Shake Chocolate Boost

Superfood Shake Chocolate Boost

Packed with the power of five superfoods, this delicious Superfood smoothie mix is the perfect way to get more nutrient density into your diet and keep hunger pangs at bay. A concentrated and potent blend of Lucuma, Mesquite, Raw Cacao, Hemp Seeds, Maca, Taheebo, and Cinnamon this shake is perfect for a quick, light breakfast or as a snack when you need something healthy to satisfy your sweet tooth. It’s my go-to breakfast when I’ve got a busy day ahead and is also a great after-dinner dessert treat. You only need 2 tablespoons of this powder to make a yummy treat. I usually blend my shake with 250ml of water, 1 medium-sized banana, and a teaspoon of Stevia to sweeten it up a bit. You can also add a teaspoon or raw honey if that’s more to your taste.

Find it at Wellness Warehouse at R155 for 200g.

2. Sonko Superfoods Cakes – Millet & Chia

Sonko Superfoods Cakes

Ditch unhealthy crackers and reach for these crunchy superfood cakes from Sonka instead. These thin, delicate millet cakes with added chia seeds can be enjoyed with a wide range of toppings, including avocado, peanut butter, cottage cheese, and so much more. Besides being a great snack option, the cakes are also a wonderful source of protein as well as iron and zinc and they have high magnesium and chromium contents. I like to enjoy mine with a generous dollop of avocado, a few slice of tomato, and a sprinkling of ground black pepper.

Find it at Wellness Warehouse at R17 for a 30g snack pack.

3. Native Raw Honey Chocolate Almonds

Native Raw Honey Chocolate Almonds

These chocolate-covered Almonds are an irresistible sweet and nutty snack. Almonds are high in magnesium and rich in dietary fibre, monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats (‘good fats’) which potentially lower LDL cholesterol. These crunchy treats are refined sugar-free and are coated with bittersweet cocoa and sweetened with honey and xylitol. Not only will they go a long way to satisfying your sweet tooth when you’re on the go but they will also help to obtain your daily dose of calcium, vitamin E and antioxidants at the same time. They are great to eat on their own as a snack or sprinkled over cereal or yoghurt in the morning. There also loads of other chocolate covered nut varieties in the range so try them all until you find the one you love!

Find it at Wellness Warehouse at R70 for 100g.

4. Happy Culture Cucumber & Mint Kombucha

Happy Culture drinks

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In this refreshing drink, cooling cucumber is beautifully paired with fresh mint for a healthy drink that not only tastes great but also helps keep your gut health at optimum levels. This raw green tea kombucha is blended with blueberry juice, cold pressed cucumber, and cold-pressed mint and is the perfect thirst quencher on a hot summer’s day. Enjoy it ice cold on its own or, for a naughty sunset twist, add a shot of botanical gin and enjoy with ice and a sprig of mint.

Find it at Wellness Warehouse at R30 for 340ml.

Find it at Wellness Warehouse at R52 for a 50g bar.

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