5 Pieces of Workout Wear for Every Type of Sweat Session

Fifth Element sporstwear

As much as it pains us to say it, those tight-in-a-good-way pants that keep your badonk secure during a run might be too constrictive for a yoga class. Yes indeed, when it comes to breaking a sweat, one style does not fit all types of workouts. So, whether you’re hitting the pavement, gym floor, pool, or a yoga mat, you need exercise gear that will help you kick ass, not hold you back. We spoke to Christa Calitz from Fifth Element sportswear to bring you 5 of the best gym gear choices for all kinds of workouts.

The Multi-Tasker

Fifth Element sporstwear
Gemstone Crop Top, R399 | Gemstone Capri Leggings, R499 – Fifth Element.

If you love mixing up your workouts then it’s important to invest in a pair of tights that can take you from the studio to the road. These Gemstone Capris Sports Leggings (R499). from Fifth Element are perfect for road running as well as HIIT classes at the gym. Made from fully covering, elastic, and body modelling fabric, these tights are breathable and have moisture wicking properties to keep you cool no matter what.

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The Stylish One-Piece

Fifth Element sporstwear
Delicious Monster, R550 – Fifth Element.

If you’re all about getting your workout in the water then you will need a swimsuit that will stay put when you need it to. Opt for a comfortable one-piece with style like the Delicious Monster (R550) from Fifth Element. Perfect for surfing, swimming, and water skiing, this one-piece cozzie is made from acrylic, spandex and polyester blended fabric. A beautiful print and zip detail front with padded chest, adds some much-needed style to an otherwise practical piece.

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The Dual-Purpose Shorts

Fifth Element sporstwear
Seoul Shorts, R499 | Graphite Crop Top, R379 – Fifth Element.

Some workouts call for shorts that can work just as well in and out of the gym. Whether for a workout or casual wear these Seoul Shorts (R499) from Fifth Element are ideal for workouts like boxing, HIIT, and even running. These fitted shorts offer a front zip detail and patent leather seams as well as fully covering, elastic, and body modelling fabric to keep you cool and in control no matter where you are.

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The Yogi

Fifth Element sporstwear
Blue Girl Sports Leggings, R499 | Graphite Crop Top, R379 – Fifth Element.

Stretching it out at yoga and pilates? You’ll need a pair of leggings that can bend, twist, and stretch along with you while also giving you the support you need to push your body to the limit. These Blue Girl Sports Leggings (R499) from Fifth Element offer a slim fit and quick-dry technology so you won’t slip and slide around during a heated class.

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The Jogger

Fifth Element sporstwear
Colour Run Joggers – R899 | Graphite Crop Top, R379 – Fifth Element

If you love a little extra space and comfort when you’re running then you can’t go wrong with a pair of super comfy joggers. Made from fully covering, elastic, and body modelling fabric, these Colour Run Joggers (R899) from Fifth Element are designed to keep you cool and give you structure when you’re beating the pavement.

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Fifth Element Sportswear brings fashionable sportswear to active women and men who don’t want to sacrifice their personal style. Their fully coordinated outfits are designed to allow Fifth Element fans to easily transition from the gym to the street with no fuss. To shop the full collection and shop online visit the Fifth Element website. For more information and updates on new products say Hi to Fifth Element Sportswear on Facebook.

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