A Complete Guide For Getting Your Place Bedbugs Free

Bedbugs are brownish, small, and oval insects that live on the blood of humans or animals. Adult bed bugs have plane bodies about the size of apple seeds. After seeding, their bodies expand and are a reddish color.

This tiny creature cannot fly, but they can move quickly over the walls, floors, and ceilings. Female bed bugs may lay eggs, each of which is about the size of a dust particle, over the lifespan.

Nymphs, immature bed bugs, shed their skins more than four times before reaching maturity and require blood whenever they have to shed their skins. Under favourable conditions, bedbugs can develop fully and produce more than two generations per year.

  1. Where this Tiny Creature Hide?

These little insects can enter your home undetected through clothing, luggage, used couches and bed covers, and many other objects. Their flat physique makes it possible for them to fit into any small place. They don’t have nests like bees or ants but tend to live in colonies or groups in hiding place. Their initial hiding places are typically in box springs, mattresses, headboards, and bed frames where they have easy access to people to bite.

Over time, this irritating creature may spread through your bedroom to other places in your house. They may also spread to nearby apartments or rooms.

  1. When They Bite?

However, there is no specific or fixed time for them to bite, but they are active mainly at night and usually bite you when you are sleeping. Bed Bugs feed by piercing the skin and extracting blood through an elongated beak. Bedbugs are painless at first, but later they change into itchy marks.

  1. How to Get Your Place Bedbugs Free?

Have you noticed bedbug’s bite or bed bugs in your room? No doubt, you need a pest control company for the examination process but you also have to do something yourself to get your place bedbugs free and to enjoy your deep night’s sleep.

  1. Prepare Your Bedroom for This Operation

The first thing you need to start an operation against bedbugs is to prepare your room for it. Consider removing all the painting and photo frames from the walls and cover cleaned item with plastic bags.

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If you have a mattress that is heavily infested with bedbugs, then it would be good to replace it with the new one. Infested couch and bedsheets and other covers need to be washed and dry them in a household dryer at high temperature.

  1. Block Cracks and Holes

Bedbugs not only mattress to live in. They can even start to live in holes and crack you have in your walls and ceilings. So make sure to block all those cracks and holes where bed bugs can make their colonies or started to live in groups.

  1. Reduce Clutter

Remove all the items that you are not using on a daily basis. Bedbugs can use these items to make colonies. When you come to reduce the clutter, be mindful that items can be infested with bedbugs, so use plastic bags to cover them.

  1. Washed infested Linens and Garments with Hot Water

Infested bed linens are garments that cannot be treated with insecticides need to be washed in hot water. If you find it hard or difficult, then even heating garments or bed linens for a few minutes in a cloth dryer may work.

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