Learn How to Run Your First 5 or 10KM with ABC’s Running Clinic! [Review]


The past two years have been a bit trying for me. I’ve been recovering from ACL knee surgery and getting back into my regular fitness routine has been a challenge of note. While my surgery was successful it’s been a hard journey learning how to look after to my knee (and the rest of my body) in-between training sessions and sport. Just getting back into running has felt like a slog of note — the thought that I used to be able to run 10 kilometres with relative ease was demotivating and I couldn’t bring myself to run more than 2kms at a time.

Which is why I was super excited to discover that Adventure Boot Camp for Women now offers a running clinic just for the ladies! The unique week-long running clinics are designed to get you started on reaching your goal of running your first 5Km or 10Km race or, in my case, getting you back into the wonderful world of running after an injury. The ABC running clinic is a great start for anyone who is trying to get back into running or newbies who are curious about running as a sport.

ABC running clinic

Running is the most accessible form of outdoor exercise (all you need is a pair of running shoes!) but most people can’t bear the thought of struggling for breath, painful stitches, injury … or worse, the mind-numbing boredom of running on a treadmill. Which is why ABC has put together a training programme that is super easy to follow and that will guarantee you success (as long as you put the work in of course). The Adventure Boot Camp Running Clinic consists of a week-long camp, made up of daily hour-long training sessions, and a 4-week continuation training programme to follow at home and will help anyone, no matter your fitness level, start running the right way from day one. Which means less chance of injury and more chance of reaching your goal of running your first 5Km Park Run or your first 10KM race.

I joined ABC for the week-long clinic and absolutely loved it. My favourite thing about the running clinic is that it is facilitated by qualified ABC trainers who are able to identify and correct common mistakes in your technique and nip bad habits in the bud. Each session also focuses on strength training that you can do on the days you aren’t running or before and after your runs to reduce the chance of injury while running. Once the week is done each runner receives a four-week training plan that will help them reach their running goals in the next month.

ABC running clinic

I signed up for the 5KM training programme and while I was a little worried at first I couldn’t believe how easy the programme was to follow! Each session was broken up into about 30 minutes of alternating walking and running and helped me ease back into running without trying to push myself too hard. I loved that each running day got a little more challenging and, because the programme helps you start slow and build up your strength and pace, I never once felt like I couldn’t take on the challenge and complete the programme for the day.

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The sessions are for women only and take place in the evenings at an ABC location near you. I attended the Western Province Cricket Club (Rondebosch) sessions and loved taking in the stunning views and surroundings while completing the daily sessions. The ABC running clinic will set you back R380 for a week’s worth of training and is a great way to get active this winter.

The next camp takes place from 11 – 15 July 2016 and thereafter there is another clinic from 15 – 19 August. The running clinics take place in the break weeks in-between each 4-week Adventure Boot Camp for Women. I’m a huge fan of ABC’s monthly boot camps and would highly recommend you try one of those out too! Click here to read my full review of Adventure Boot Camp for Women.

For more information on Adventure Boot Camp for Women and the running clinic visit their website.

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