This AirMate Instant Sofa Inflates in Seconds & Folds into a Small Bag! [Review]

AirMate inflatable sofa

If you live your life one Facebook status at a time (I know I do!) then chances are you’ve seen a video, or five, of an incredible inflatable sofa doing the rounds. But, this isn’t just any inflatable sofa, no my friends, this sofa inflates in a matter of seconds and all it takes is a few swift movements to fill it with air. That’s right, there’s no pump involved and you can go from standing up to ultimate relaxation with almost no effort at all. While watching said video you probably also sighed to yourself thinking these delightful inventions would never make it all the way to South Africa. Well, the great news is you were so wrong because AirMate is making our internet dreams a reality with a range of oh-so-colourful inflatable sofas that can go anywhere and everywhere with you. I got the chance to test out one for myself and I’ve got to it admit, it’s all kinds of wonderful!

The clever invention is the stuff dreams are made of for anyone craving instant comfort on the go. Camping, music festivals, hiking, the beach, swimming pools – this little wonder product fits in almost anywhere and deflates to the size of a beach towel so there’s almost no excuse to leave it at home.

AirMate inflatable sofa

Getting your AirMate ready to use is super simple. Just unravel it from the small carry bag it comes in, pull it through the air a few times and allow the bag to fill up like a balloon. Once you’ve got enough air inside just seal the air inside by sealing the open end and sit. Full disclosure, it did take me a little while to work out how to inflate it properly but once I’d gotten the hang of it re-inflating it was a breeze.

I also love that you can use the inflatable sofa both indoors and outside – we used it in our lounge for extra seating when we had guests over the rugby and even dragged it out to the balcony on a sunny day to soak up some rays. I didn’t get a chance to take it anywhere super exciting, my life was quite boring during the two weeks I had it for review, but I could easily see myself stuffing this into my backpack before heading up the mountain or into my beach bag before jumping in the car for a day at the beach.

AirMate inflatable sofa

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The sofa is about 2 metres long, which means it can fit one person lying down and a two or three people sitting down side-by-side. The AirMate is constructed using durable rip-stop nylon, offering a lightweight, anti-tear, watertight solution while protecting the inner air bladder. It also features 3 side pockets for housing your phone, drink or even your favourite book. I also love that there’s a small steak-point loop on one end that allows you to secure it to the ground on windy days!

The AirMate inflatable sofa is available in a wide range of colours including green, blue, black, red, pink, and purple and will set you back R1,199. You can buy yours online from the AirMate website here. For more information say Hi to AirMate on Facebook.

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