Can’t decide what to do for your next holiday? It might be time to take to the high seas! Offering an endless amount of beauty, there’s almost no better place to holiday than at sea. And what better way to do so than from the comfort of a luxury cruise liner? If you’ve never experienced a cruise holiday before here are four reasons why you should consider cruising atop crystal waters to discover the mysteries of the ocean:

1. It’s budget friendly

Back in the old days, travelling by cruise ship was considered a privilege reserved for the rich and famous. But today, life at sea can be a much more casual affair with a range of budget-friendly options that make cruising an accessible holiday away. It’s no secret that holidays can be costly and there will always be costs you didn’t anticipate. With a cruise, a lot of what is available onboard is included in your package, such as meals at specific restaurants and entertainment. You can plan in advance how much additional cash you may need on the ship and load your cruise card with this amount, to avoid unnecessary spending.

2. It’s hassle-free

Planning a holiday can be stressful, what with the organisation and planning required to pull off an international visit. One of the benefits of choosing to cruise is that everything onboard is designed to work seamlessly and effectively, making your holiday stress-free with maximum time for relaxation!

3. You’ll never be bored

With the vast range of facilities offered onboard ships, including waterparks, sports, nightclubs and kiddies areas, your whole family will be entertained. There are tons of entertainment options for kids, tweens and teens alike so parents can take the time to truly relax. A cruise holiday offers a safe space for families to holiday away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

4. A holiday for every family

Cruising is the perfect holiday for everyone, regardless of whether you’re newlyweds, a single parents, a group of friends or a family of four. If you prefer a quieter destination, ships usually have plenty of serene spaces where you can unwind, but if you prefer a holiday crammed with activities, the ship’s facilities are bound to keep you occupied.

For those wanting to test the waters, the MSC Musica will make its maiden voyage into African waters this November – just in time for summer! It will set sail from Durban and Cape Town to various locations around Southern Africa like Mauritius, the Reunion Islands and Mozambique. Here’s a holiday idea we can jump on board with! To find out more about MSC Cruises visit the MSC website.

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