The New GWM Steed 5 Proves that Bakkies aren’t Just for Men Anymore!

GWM Steed 5

While most people consider bakkies to be the vehicle of choice for men only, things are definitely changing as now more than ever, woman are also choosing this car type for a variety of reasons. With our fast-moving lifestyles, sedans and hatchbacks are often being seen as less practical for our needs and more often the humble bakkie is coming out tops as the car of choice. Not convinced? The GWM Steed 5 proves that bakkies aren’t just for men anymore. Here are just a few reasons why this bakkie will allow you to do everything a man can do – but in heels!

It fits into your lifestyle:

Single or travelling with kids? Not to worry, the Steed 5 is available in single or double cab options. Plus, it comes standard with features like air-con, ABS and EBD and driver and front passage airbags! Whether you’re a city dweller or live on the city’s outskirts, your Steed 5 will get you through tough terrain and city streets.

It’s outdoors-y:

As South Africans, we love and appreciate our incredible climate. Being outdoors is second nature to us so it only makes sense that having a vehicle that can handle our terrain is vital. Convenient, tough and reliable, the Steed 5 will make sure you lead the pack – whether it’s a camping trip, music festival, 4×4 off-roading course, or road trip. Your Steed 5 will keep your gear secure and your family safe.

GWM Steed 5

It’s a DIY vehicle!

While us ladies usually have to call our friends or husbands to do the dirty work and heavy lifting, one less thing we need to rely on them for is the hauling of our items from one end to the next. With the Steed 5 it is easier than ever to do it yourself! The spacious back area can handle a one-tonne load with ease and comes with several rope fastening points.

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It’s great to look at:

Of course, driving a great looking car is important too and the Steed 5 is a great looking vehicle. The Steed 5 offers leather seating, proving luxury and proves that comfort need not be sacrificed when choosing a bakkie. With a variety of colours to choose from, the bakkie can be tailored just for you … and your outfit!

And, what about the price? With prices starting from R189 900, the Steed 5 is packed with features at an oh-so-affordable price.

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