World’s Largest Ice Cream Chain, Baskin-Robbins, to Launch in SA this December! [Review]

Baskin-Robbins South Africa

From the clever sausages who brought you Burger King and Dunkin Donuts in South African comes something a little bit different to enjoy to this summer. That’s right, after what seems like a lifetime of waiting, worldwide ice cream sensation, Baskin-Robbins is finally opening its doors in sunny SA! South African franchise holder, Grand Foods, today announced that they would be opening their very first Baskin-Robbins South Africa store in Cape Town as early as next week, just in time to serve up some happiness before the holiday break. I got the chance to try some of the exciting artisanal ice cream flavours before they open the doors so keep reading to find out more information on the location of the first store, opening dates, and what you can expect from Baskin-Robins South Africa.

With over 70 years of experience in the ice cream business, Baskin-Robbins has become a global leader in premium ice cream, customised ice cream cakes, and a full range of beverages and now they’ve finally come to South Africa to bring a taste of happiness to ice cream lovers on our shores. The very first Baskin-Robbins SA store will launch at the Canal Walk Shopping Centre in Cape Town at 11:00 on Friday, 9 December 2016 so make sure you scrap all your plans for the day and get down to Canal Walk instead.

Baskin-Robbins South Africa

So what makes Baskin-Robbins so different from any other artisanal ice cream available in South Africa? According to Sean Dearham, chief operating officer of Baskin-Robbins South Africa it’s the variety of flavours that make them the cream of the crop. “With a library of over 1 300 different flavours to choose from, our brand is able to differentiate itself from competitors”, explains Dearham. “Baskin-Robbins is best known globally for its ‘31 flavours’ – a different flavour for each day of the month. South Africans can always look forward to something exciting at our ice cream shops and with the help of our famous ‘Pink Spoon’, guests can sample all 31 flavours until they find the flavour that makes them happiest.”

I got a chance to sample some of the exciting flavours that will available when Baskin-Robbins launches in South Africa and there’s no doubt that they are phenomenal. Sure, we have loads of artisanal ice cream spots popping up in Cape Town and around the country but I think Baskin-Robbins really hits the nail on the head when it comes to offering unique flavours.

Some of the flavours available to taste at the pre-launch event included Caramel Turtle Truffle (vanilla flavoured ice cream packed with caramel-filled milk chocolate flavoured turtles and a caramel ribbon), Cotton Candy (a creamier, dreamier version of your favorite fluffy, puffy treat), Love Potion #31 (white chocolate & raspberry ice cream with raspberry ribbon, chocolate chips, and raspberry-filled chocolate flavored hearts), Mango Tango (mango ice cream dancing with a tangy mango ribbon), Pralines ‘N Cream (praline-coated pecan pieces & caramel in vanilla flavoured ice cream), Very Berry Strawberry (strawberry ice cream loaded with real strawberries), and the diary-free Citrus Twist Ice (sorbet ice made with the tangy twist of lemons and limes).

Baskin-Robbins South Africa

My favourite of all the flavours we tried has got to be the Pralines ‘N Cream – there’s a reason this ice cream flavour is one of Baskin-Robbins top sellers all around the world and it’s a must-try when you visit the shop. Another rather unusual but oh-so-good flavour is the Baskin-Robbins Green Tea. I absolutely loved this flavour and while it might not be everyone’s first choice, the unusual flavour is a great choice for those who are looking for something unique. The Citrus Twist Ice  is another winner and is the ideal treat on a hot summer’s day. If you don’t feel like something creamy and heavy then this is the flavour for you!

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Of course, you don’t have to stop at ice cream as Baskin-Robbins also offers milkshakes and ice cream cakes in every flavour! Pick your favourite flavour and have the staff whip it up into a tasty shake or bake it into a cake for you. Most Baskin-Robbins stores will have a range of ready-to-go ice cream cakes available to buy in store every day but you can also pre-order a cake in your favourite flavour for a special occasion.

But what about the price? While they’re staying hush-hush on most of the prices it was revealed that a scoop of their artisanal ice cream will set you back R19. Not too bad when you consider the prices of other top-end ice cream shops in South Africa. As for additional store openings, Baskin-Robbins South Africa has revealed that they will be opening at least three stores in the Western Cape before the end of 2016 with an additional three stores to come within their first year of launching. Gauteng ice cream lovers can expect their first store to open its doors in the middle of 2017. And, if you can’t find a Baskin-Robbins store near you then you can rest assured knowing that very soon you will also be able to buy ice cream tubs at select South African retailers

For more information on the Baskin-Robbins South Africa say Hi to Baskin-Robbins SA on Facebook or visit the Baskin-Robbins website.

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