Be.Up Indoor Family Fun Park Will Be Your Kids’ New-Favourite Place! [Review]

be.up park pinelands

If you’re a parent to an adventurous little one then you probably know that indoor trampoline parks are all the rage at the moment. By now you’ve probably attended a million and one birthday parties at one of the many trampoline parks in Cape Town and chances are your kids have begged you to take them to the closest one at least every other weekend. But, as fun as these indoor trampoline parks are it was only a matter of time before someone took the idea of indoor adventure to the next level. If you’re a little bit bored of the trampoline park vibe then be.Up Indoor Family Fun Park is just what you and the kids have been waiting for – with everything from indoor trampolining to climbing walls, an elevated obstacle course, and a giant maze, be.Up is the ultimate place to have fun indoors this winter. But, it’s not just for kids – adults will love it too!

I went to check out the new adventure spot in Pinelands and I have to admit, I was impressed – super impressed! There really is no place like this in Cape Town and I couldn’t help but feel like a kid again when exploring the many different activities inside the massive be.Up complex. We arrived on a rainy Monday morning to find that the place was already quite full with kids exploring every nook and cranny of the space. We started at the Clip ‘n Climb area which allows you to scramble your way up to the top of 11 different themed climbing walls up to 8 metres high. Each climbing wall is fitted with an automatic belay system which is there to catch you when you fall and guide you safely to the bottom of the wall. From a timed scramble that challenges you to beat the fastest time to a wall of giant stacked lego blocks, and even a wall adorned with disco lights, there’s so much to explore in this section.

be.up park pinelands
Don’t forget your equipment!
be.up park pinelands
Let’s climb!

Visitors to the climbing section are fitted with special shoes and a harness to keep you safe while you climb and once you’re in the climbing area you are guided by well-trained staff who are there to clip you in and out of of the auto-belay system at each climbing wall. This area is the perfect space for kids 3 years and older and adults to enjoy – the climbing was a serious upper body and core workout and I won’t lie, I’m considering going back each week just for the exercise. You can enjoy the Clip ‘n Climb area for 30-minutes at a time before moving onto other areas of the park. Climbers can either pay R75 for a once off climbing session with equipment (R60 for the second 30-minutes on the same day) or invest in a be.Climbing multivisit card at R300 for five 30-minute sessions.

Once we were done with the climbing we decided to ignore the fact that our forearms were burning and explore the aerial AltiGame area. Before we headed up the padded runway to tackle the various obstacles in the aerial play area, 5 meters from the ground, we were given a helmet and a safety briefing. Once inside the netted area we tried our best to maintain our balance and composure while walking on rotating tubes, jumping from one wooden swing to another, zipping across the arena on a zip-line, and even riding a floating skateboard. And the best bit? If you fall, there’s a net to break your fall! This area is great for kids but adults will enjoy it too and it’s a great team building activity.

be.up park pinelands
The climbing area offers loads of challenge!
be.up park pinelands
Getting active in the AltiGame area.

And then there’s the trampoline zone. Once you’re done sweating it out on the climbing walls and in the air, you can jump into action in the trampoline zone. This area caters for all ages (provided you are over 120 cm tall) and allows you to bounce around while enjoying the various trampoline areas including the be.UP Wall (equipped with two performance tramps and walls at varying heights to do tricks off of) and the Big-Bag (which allows you to launch yourself through the air and into a massive bag for a soft landing). And, if space permits, be.Up then staff will run casual dodgeball games in the trampoline dodgeball court so those looking for a little friendly competition can break a sweat. In the coming months the indoor arena will also add dodgeball to the activities with an official dodgeball league.

But it’s not just big kids that will enjoy be.UP, littler ones will absolutely love the giant, multi-level indoor maze! Filled with brightly coloured tubes, tunnels, ball pits, trampolines and slides, the maze gives kids the chance to climb, slide and burn up all the energy for one action-packed hour. The area also has highly trained staff who have been specifically chosen for the be.UP Park Kids area to ensure that they are safe at all times. Here adults can join in with their child or let them play to their heart’s content on their own steam. The area also includes a dedicated play area for smaller tots. Of course, if you want your tot to play in a super safe environment then you can also pay a visit during be.UP’s toddler time – every Tuesday to Thursday from 09:00 – 13:00, the maze is dedicated to toddlers who want to move around safely and for moms to enjoy their visit worry free. This slot isn’t available during school holidays and on public holidays though so just double check before you go through!

be.up park pinelands
It’s time to bounce!
be.up park pinelands
The be.Up tramp wall area is a great challenge!

I also loved that be.Up has a fantastic cafe area upstairs, here adults can relax with a cup of coffee and grab a bit to eat while their kids play.  The cafe on the second floor of the building offers panoramic views of the park so you can keep an eagle eye on your kids. The cafe offers guests WiFi, plug points and a flat-screen TV so you won’t miss out on work or that all-important rugby game! Of course, the eats and treats available are delicious and will surely curb hunger pangs after an afternoon of activity – choose from a selection of freshly made paninis, waffles, popcorn, and more! This area is also perfect for birthday parties, corporate events, and any other special occasion.

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Every be.Upper entering the park (except adults who aren’t participating) will be required to buy a pair of be.Up socks at R20 (once-off cost, and you can re-use them every time you visit). In addition to that, kids 3 years of age and under 120 cm tall, can spend an hour exploring the kid’s maze for R75 (R60 for second session on the same day) or at R300 for 5 hour-long sessions with the be.Junior multivisit card. Those over 120 cm tall will pay R115 for an hour of play exploring the trampolines, AltiGame area and Kid’s Maze (R100 for the second session) or R458 for 5 hour-long sessions with the be.In multivisit card. The park also offers loads of other special entry offers for schools, groups of 10 or more, and students.

be.up park pinelands
Kids will love the maze at be.Up!
be.up park pinelands
The upstairs cafe area where you can watch all the action.

For more information on be.Up Indoor Family Fun Park and to book your first session with them (booking is advised as this place is popular!) visit their website here. You can also say Hi to be.Up on Facebook here


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