Bedroom Athletics Sleepwear Launches in South Africa!

Bedroom Athletics

If you are the kind of ‘gal who loves nothing more than to laze about in your PJs then get ready to be wowed because stellar sleepwear brand, Bedroom Athletics has arrived in South Africa! Say good riddance to those frayed T-shirts and old shorts that masquerade as PJs because from now on, thanks to Bedroom Athletics super cute and comfy PJs and slipper boots will be the order of the day.

The brand first shot to fame in 2007 when they introduced their first slipper boot, the Marilyn and Monroe. Cosy, cool, and quirky with a faux fur exterior and real suede sole the slipper boots captured the hearts of women everywhere. Of course others have tried to copy their design but they have never quite gotten the design or fit right.

bedroom athletics

Today, the Bedroom Athletics range offers a wide variety of styles for both men and woman who are looking for comfort, quality and of course, amazing style. They’ve also expanded their line to include everything from the famous slipper boots to pajama pants, shorts, tops, onesies, socks and ballet slippers. Look out for the introductory Women’s AW15 collection in stores – it promises to offers shoppers a range like no other with cosy, luxurious fabrics and playful colours. We have fallen in love with this range and can’t wait to get a pair of slipper boots of our own!

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The Bedroom Athletics slipper boots start at about R600 a pair and will be available from mid-march in all Poetry and Cape Union Mart stores nationwide. The slipper range is also available for purchase online at

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