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Whether you know it as Heritage Day or Braai Day, there’s one thing for certain: meat will be cooked. Not only is there an epic promotion on all things braaiing, but Builders has given us a handy breakdown of everything you need to know about getting your grill up and ready for the incoming festivities and summer season. Here are some of the best braai options on the market to suit every need.

Patio gas braais

Megamaster Blaze 

This range of freestanding gas braais, including the Blaze 300 Elite, comes in a variety of sizes and colours. The one pictured here is the Blaze 400 Elite Red. They’re stylish and effective, and have a wide range of features. The thermometer on the lid keeps track of the cooking temperature, while the electronic ignitors mean your braai will start up first time, every time.

Patio gas braai

Megamaster Evolution 500 Pro

The adjustable heat plates on this gas braai allow for a variety of cooking methods – from direct heat to infrared heat, broiling, baking and smoking. What’s more, those plates also allow for an even distribution of heat, no matter where the food is on the grid.

Weber Spirit E Series

Weber’s Spirit E Series harnesses all the features of Weber’s braai technology, from the Gourmet Braai System grates to the porcelain-enamelled Flavorizer bars that direct grease and drippings away from the burner tubes (radically reducing flare-ups).

Built-in braais

Megamaster Built-in Braai

The wide range of wood/charcoal braais with double doors and a lid comes in various sizes, and includes support for a whole range of accessories, from potjie hooks to spits. One of the best features is the built-in ember maker, which is ideal for the quick and easy start-up of embers to get your fire going.

Portable grills

Weber Q Series

This highly versatile and popular gas braai – a sort of evolution of the original kettle braai – includes a small one-burner version (as well as other bigger ones). Easy for the balcony, the campsite or a picnic, it can be combined with a stand for a more ordinary braai functionality.

Weber Q 3000

With its fixed cart, cast iron grid and folding side tables, this space-saving braai is perfect for parties and family celebrations. From the electronic ignition system to the built-in lid thermometer, the features are designed to make your outdoor cooking experience easy and fun.

Kettle braais

Megamaster Grill Elite 570 

High-quality kettle braai with silicone handles for heat protection, and a removable ash catcher for an easy clean.

Weber Smokey Joe 

Just like a classic kettle braai, but small and portable, the Smokey Joe charcoal braai is a miniature take on the classic Weber profile.

Weber One Touch Original & One Touch Premium  

The revolutionary kettle braai at the very centre of the whole kettle braai movement was recently updated to include Weber’s revolutionary Gourmet Braai System. This clever system has a grate with a removable centrepiece to which you can add a sear grate, wok or pizza stone.

Ketla JB 3000 Gas Braai  

This classic kettle braai – complete with the familiar dome-shaped lid – runs on gas, and is easy to combine with a smoking box for the smoky braai flavour of a wood fire. It’s even endorsed by local braai guy Justin Bonello.

Drum braais (and other traditional options)

Megamaster Drum Braai  

The ultimate traditional braai: large, sturdy and reliable. An absolute classic. Also available in smaller sizes, although these don’t feature the distinctive half-drum shape.

Portable braais

Megamaster Sizzler Camper 200

A convenient compact gas braai for camping, with handy fold-out legs.

See Also

Cadac Skottel Braai 

An alternative to the braai, but a cornerstone of outdoor cooking nonetheless, especially for breakfast camping fry-ups.

Megamaster Potjie Pot 

A cast-iron pot for easy outdoor cooking over an open fire. A classic.

Cobb Pro 

This smart cooker is the perfect indoor/outdoor option. It runs on just a few coals, and – with the lid on – makes for smoke-free and burn-free mini-braais.

Braziers and fire pits

Storm Fire Pit

A pre-rusted circular steel fire pit in either 48 or 58 cm diameter, with holes so that the fire can breathe.

Megamaster Bushveld Boma 

A classic mild-steel brazier, complete with a pan to catch the ashes.

Want to invest in a new braai just in time for ‘Braai Day’? Check out Builders’ big braai promotion here.

And if you need some help around the house? Builders has more incredible DIY tips and tricks that you can check out HERE. And for all your other DIY needs, remember that you can register and shop online at Builders.

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