Trading in Heels for Sneakers – the Latest Footwear Trend

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Where high heels once dominated the epitome of sophistication and women were prepared to suffer for it, it seems the tides are changing in favour of comfortable athleisure. Swapping out heels for stylish sneakers, designers and consumers alike are now preferring to integrate sportswear into their wardrobes. Spree, SA’s most fashionable online store, tells us more about how women are trading in their high heels in sneakers.

What woman doesn’t want to be comfortable? And, yes we’ll admit it; high heels are a pain in the balls of our feet! These days women are saying; “no more” and instead are giving their long-suffering feet a break by trading in their high heels for oh-so-comfy and stylish sneakers. After seeing a 95 percent increase in sales of women’s sneakers on, the company realised that it’s clear what women want – comfort without compromising on style. There’s no doubt, the popularity of sky-high heels is falling flat, with 82 percent of Spree shoppers identifying on a Twitter poll a growing preference for sneakers as their go-to daily shoes.

And it’s no surprise – high heels are notoriously uncomfortable and although they’re undoubtedly sexy, it’s easier now to still feel sexy while staying comfortable in flats. In fact, sneakers are now no longer simply masculine sportswear – they’re beautiful, feminine designs in their own right that are also incredibly stylish and sophisticated.

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“All across the world we’re seeing a move to a more casual approach to dressing. With the rise of the biggest trend, athleisure, this makes perfect sense. We see that people want an easier solution that fits in with their lifestyle. No wonder women are trading in their heels for sneakers,” says Spree’s Creative Director, Chris Viljoen.

With the blurred distinction between sports shoe and fashion shoe, the sneaker is clearly being favoured for its style over its function and we couldn’t be happier to give our feet a rest!

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