We Love Local Up-cycling Furniture Company, Bleached!

Bleached furniture

Let’s face it, we all love beautiful things! Whether it’s the clothes on our backs or the furniture in our homes, we all want to be surrounded by beautiful things. Alas, these days the design and fashion markets are flooded with cheap replicas and Asian imports, which may look beautiful for a short while but don’t last for the long haul. Which is why we are so in love with local furniture company, Bleached! it’s refreshing to find a furniture and décor brand that not only focuses on making something new out of something old, but also, creates everything by hand. They don’t make furniture like this anymore ladies!

Bleached furniture
Bleached Tapas Boards – R80 each or R300 for 4. boards.

The brainchild of Robyn Cronje, in partnership with Tarryn Nieuwstad, Bleached was born in 2010 and has been making waves in the decor industry ever since. We love that almost all of the pieces sold by Bleached are made from reclaimed wood, sourced through demolition companies, who demolish old buildings and houses in order to build new ones. Bleached also makes sure that they utilise all the wood they get in – this helps them to minimise wastage and encourages them to get creative by making things like cheese boards and candle holders from the wood off-cuts. When you buy one of their pieces, big or small, you can have comfort in the fact that something that may have otherwise just been tossed into the scrapyard has been re-purposed as a great piece for your home.

Bleached furniture

Of course, the other great thing about making things from re-purposed wood is that every piece has a story to tell and no one piece is the same as another – the grains and marks of the wood make every piece unique. Which means there’s no risk of you and all your mates having the same mass-produced coffee table.

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The Bleached range offers everything from tables and chairs to kitchen accessories and items for children’s rooms but they also create bespoke items for customers who commission them for something specific. Custom-making furniture can be a time-consuming process though, both for the Bleached team and the customer who is waiting for their piece, so Robyn and Tarryn are looking at creating an exclusive and seasonal, small-batch range every few months, with unique pieces that still offer that one-of-a-kind appeal.

For more information say Hi to Bleached on Facebook or contact them via info@bleacheddecor.com. 

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