Cape Town Distillery Launches Drought-Friendly Gin!

drought friendly gin

Here’s a water saving tip for all you Capetonians – thirsty? Try this drought-friendly gin from local distillery Pienaar & Son! Inspired by Day Zero, the brand has announced that both of the classic gins in its range will be upgraded to include a Drought Edition version that allows you to pour less and drink more! If you ask us, the new range of Pienaar & Son Drought Edition gins is truly water saving at it’s very best!

What is drought-friendly gin you ask? It’s quite simple really – before being bottled, gin usually starts off at a strength of about 80 percent alcohol, 200 litres of water is then added to dilute it to 43 percent. The real lightbulb moment came when the team at Pienaar & Son noticed that most of their customers were pouring themselves a double G&T and so they decided to cut out the “middleman” by skipping the step of adding water and bottle the original gin with 80 percent alcohol – effectively a double shot in every tot.

Although it may sound like your evening G&T will leave you comatose and hungover, Pienaar explains that this isn’t the case, as gin drinkers typically mix a double shot of gin with tonic water. With the Drought Edition, you don’t need a double shot. According to Pienaar & Son, there is no drastic flavour variation with the drought-friendly gin when it is enjoyed in a typical gin and tonic and gin lovers will find that a single shot of it tastes about the same as a double shot of 43 percent gin.

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It couldn’t be simpler to enjoy a boozy sundowner after a long day at work while still supporting water saving tactics!

The Pienaar & Son Drought Edition gins will be available at any reputable liquor store or online through their website from 26 February 2018.

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