Celebrity Brow Mistakes and How to Avoid Them!

Brow shaping

Finding the right shape for your brows can be a tough job. But fear, not you’re not the only one getting it wrong! Hollywood celebs are often victims of bad brows too – and they have entire teams handling their beauty regime. If you’re not sure what brow shape will work for you then keep reading because Michelle de Lima, owner and brow whisperer at Just Browzing is back with a handy dandy guide to avoiding the most common brow shaping mistakes. Learn from the stars and avoid these brow mistakes! 

Brow shaping


Love your Natural Arch!

What’s the key to great brows? Don’t ignore your arch! Having perfect brows is all about finding your natural arch and working with it. Check out the pictures of Modern Family’s Sarah Hyland above and below and you’ll be surprised at the difference!

brow shaping


Create lift!

Everyone wants to look like they have big, bright eyes but did you know that your eyebrows could be stopping you from achieving your dream? Take a look at Kerry Washington’s brows above and notice how, after a brow makeover, she is suddenly bright eyed and bushy tailed (no plastic surgery needed!)

Resist the urge to over-pluck

Over-plucking is probably has been a scourge on the beauty industry for so long but these days it’s all about big, beautiful brows that make you look more youthful. Take a look a pop stars Demi Lovato and Gwen Stefani back in the day when they had very little brows to speak of and now that they’ve got stunning full brows – it’s like night and day!

brow shaping

 Step away from the pencil!

Let’s face it; no one looks good with drawn-in brows – unless you’re an extra in an Adam’s Family movie it’s just not cute. Even Angelina Jolie isn’t immune to the horror of bad brows – take a look at her before and after photos which show a dramatic difference in her look once she learned to let go of the pencil.

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