Certbolt Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Certification: How to Earn It and What Are the Career Prospects

The development of processes is one of the main business activities in the modern world. The fewer errors there are in operations and services, the more productive the company can be. Today, many different ways of raising effectiveness are used, and one of them is called Six Sigma. In this article, we’ll observe how to get knowledgeable in this strategy and certify your skills. Now, let’s start!

What Is Six Sigma?

Based on quality management fundamentals, Six Sigma is a methodology that revolves around minimizing the defects in a product, process, or service to its minimum. This data-driven approach is focused on consistent improvement and can be used for any business without any specific requisites. Such versatility makes it highly demanded, so lots of professionals decide to learn these concepts.

Lean Six Sigma: What’s the Difference?

The only difference is that this program involves “lean” principles that slightly change the approach to achieving the set goals. While Six Sigma aims to get consistent results, Certbolt Lean Six Sigma focuses on increasing the workflow. The latter one is more widespread within the public sector or the armed forces in a majority of the circumstances.

A solid grasp of the Certbolt Lean Six Sigma methodology can be beneficial to all, whether at the operational or the managerial level. And moreover, each of these aspiring professionals can earn an appropriate badge that varies from the entry White Belt to intermediate Yellow and Green Belts to the expert-level Black Belt.

Overview of Lean Six Sigma Black Belt

The Certbolt Lean Six Sigma Black Belt certification fosters an individual that has a rigorous understanding of the Six Sigma techniques and its body of knowledge as a whole. With this credential, you’ll have the ability and expertise to take the lead, motivate, and guide project teams with top tier efficiency and finesse.

To acquire this badge, you have to sit for the exam that will test your knowledge on a wide scope of subjects including but not limited to the DMAIC model (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, and Control), process management, team management, and general Six Sigma principles and philosophies, among the rest.

Exam Procedure

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The exam has no specific prerequisites but you must be attentive in choosing the provider since their conditions may be different. For example, at the exam led by IASSC, you’ll be given 150 questions to be answered in 4 hours, and the assessment will be a closed-book one. On the other hand, you can choose the test offered by CSSC that is open-book but you’ll have only three hours to complete 150 tasks. However, the fee may be another important aspect since it is $395 (around R5,600) and $229 (around R3,200) respectively.

What About Career Opportunities?

Of course, the badge itself is just a thing that makes you proud of yourself — the more important is how you can use it in your career. Fortunately, Six Sigma badges are widely recognized and open for you the jobs of Administrator, Auditor, Consultant, Project Manager, Quality Analyst, and Supervisor. And according to PayScale.com, at this professional level strengthened with accreditation you can earn about $100k (around R1.4m) yearly on average.


The usage of Six Sigma and Certbolt Lean Six Sigma principles in businesses is consistently on the rise as organizations are looking to eliminate waste, boost efficiency and workflow thereby increasing revenue and profits. Having the Certbolt Lean Six Sigma Black Belt certification can be a huge boon for you because you’ll prove your outstanding expertise in helping the companies achieve their goals. Get your badge and enjoy a career that will not disappoint you!

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