Chanel Debuts World’s First 3D-Printed Mascara

Le Volume Révolution de Chanel

3D-printing has changed the way we look at manufacturing and has given us innovations like recycled plastic sneakers and even 3D printed artificial body parts. But 3D printed makeup? Now that’s an innovation we can really get excited out. Yes indeed, all in the name of beauty, Chanel has announced it is launching the world’s first 3D-printed mascara, Le Volume Révolution de Chanel!

The beauty world is always coming up with exciting new launches but this mascara is sure to wow makeup geeks around the world. But what’s so great about a 3D printed mascara – as with most mascaras, the secret is in the brush. Le Volume Révolution de Chanel features an innovative mascara wand that distributes formula evenly onto each brush bristle. The material on the wand is slightly rough in texture which helps the formula adhere to your lashes better, thus enabling you to build volume without having to dip your brush between applications.

chanel 3D mascara
This wand innovation was perfected through one hundred rounds of trials until the shape was absolutely perfect. And, just when you thought things couldn’t get any better it turns out that 3D-printing eliminates the expensive, time-consuming process of creating mascara moulds so this product might even be cheaper than your average Chanel makeup.

The brand also plans to 3D-print up to one million brushes per month meaning there will be a lot of Le Volume Révolution de Chanel to go around!

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For more information visit the Chanel website.

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