Shop for Imported Wines at Affordable Prices at Checkers! [Watch]

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Imagine being able to pop over to your local supermarket and take your pick of wines from some of the best wineries around the world … and without spending your entire month’s grocery budget in one go! Sounds like a dream right? Well it’s not a dream, all you need to do is pop down to your local Checkers (yes, Checkers!) and browse their range of over 50 wines from 11 of the world’s best wine producing countries. The Checkers Wines of the World collection, allows you take an adventure of taste right here in SA and we couldn’t be more excited.

A lot of South Africans don’t know this but Checkers has been offering this incredible wine selection for some time now and the range is a huge hit amongst customers in the know. Our Editor Crystal is a huge fan of the Sensi Risalto Chianti (Italy) and the Santa Julia Malbec (Argentina) and swears by them as her go-to wines for gifts and dinner parties.

If you would love to try this fabulous collection of foreign wines but haven’t the first clue where to start then get excited because Checkers has got you covered! They teamed up with local wine writer Michael Fridjhon to bring you this super handy walk-through and tasting guide! Watch the video below and take a tour of the world through 11 wines and then head to Checkers to find your favourites from the range!

Watch the full guide below or click here to visit the Wines of the World website and find out more about the great wines on offer.

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