Primi Launches New Breakfast Menu with a Healthy Twist

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Who doesn’t love a good breakfast, especially one prepared for you? Going out for breaki with friends is still one of those simple life’s pleasures – casual, comforting and nutritious, for a perfect start to the day. And now Primi has launched a brand new, revitalised “Come as you are” breakfast menu just for these all too special mid-morning catch-up’s that promote health as much as heavenly flavours and fresh, locally sourced ingredients.

While still holding onto their timeless classics, the new menu features a few new divine dishes to invigorate your morning selection and keep you well fed, healthy and happy. The dishes have a focus on traditional technique and preservative-free, healthy ingredients. Behind this new menu is PRIMI’s Chef Natale Schotto and her Mediterranean and Middle Eastern influence is evident in each dish. Fresh herbs, spices and citrus highlights complement the food, while her love for traditional fermentation processes, as seen in her homemade bread, adds a little something extra.

Chef Natale Schotto explained that the doughs they use for their breads and pizza are fermented and aged for at least 48 hours, resulting in a much lighter experience. These freshly made breads include a light crusty sour dough ciabatta and a dense, delicious rye. Chef Schotto also makes her own creamy yoghurt relish which consists of fermenting natural yoghurt for a few days with capers, herbs and olives, as well as making use of the centuries old ingredient, toum (fresh garlic ground down with lemon juice, salt and oil). It’s these little added extras that make this menu so enticing and a far cry from the run-of-the-mill, store bought breakfast stuff we’re used to being served by restaurants.

So what are some of the dishes we can expect? Imagine a luxurious Salmon Fraîche Frittata topped with generous ribbons of smoked Franschhoek salmon trout and a chopped Persian salad vibrant with herbs and fresh crunchy veggies. Or the Sautéed Mushrooms on rye toast served with zesty gremolata, creamy avo salsa and topped with a perfectly poached egg. Yum! There’s plenty more where that came from, including Breakfast Bowls, Benedicts and classic PRIMI Power combos. But don’t expect to get through more than one dish unless you’re sharing, tapas-style. These portions are generous!

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Above all, Natale says her focus with this new breakfast menu is on unpretentious, easy eating that just happens to be healthy. “I don’t want to be preachy about health benefits and so on,” she concludes, “I just want to include things that are healthy and tasty that work with the dish, amazing life-giving elements with flavours that speak for themselves.”

PLEASE NOTE: WomenStuff is yet to review the new breakfast offering at Primi, all opinions and information featured above was supplied by Primi.

For more information visit the Primi website.

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