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Daily Dish

Most people have very fond memories of their mother’s cooking. Even if your mom wasn’t Masterchef contestant quality, chances are you think nothing beats a home cooked meal from mommy dearest. But why do we have this attachment to mom’s food, even if it wasn’t restaurant quality? My guess is it’s because your mom’s home cooked meals were always made with real ingredients and plenty of love. But, I must admit, convenience does play a big factor in my life and some days easy foods that are convenient and bland win out over all things fresh and tasty. I find it rather difficult to be a superwoman like my mom and after a long day at work, the last thing I want to do is hit the grocery store to shop for ingredients. Which is why I’m loving Daily Dish at the moment – the local food delivery service is finally offering busy bees like myself an easy, healthy alternative to dreaded takeaways and supermarket convenience foods and putting the heart and soul back into home cooking.

Growing up, curry nights were a big thing at my house and we always enjoyed a freshly prepared curry made from vegetables and meat my mom had scoured the shops for at the beginning of the week. Even to this day, nothing can hold a candle to mom’s delicious curries – especially not soulless, convenience meal curries! Say what you like about the convenience factor but there’s no way that a pre-packaged meal that has been packed with preservatives and reheated in the microwave can beat a fresh homemade curry. Michael Pollan of Netflix original documentary, ‘Cooked’ says it best; “We’ve lost touch with how that food got to our plate. When you let a corporation cook your food, they cook differently than people do. You have an industry that is trying to undermine cooking as an everyday practice. Is there any practice less selfish, any time less wasted than preparing something delicious and nourishing for the people you love?”

Daily Dish

And, that’s exactly what Daily Dish is trying to help us regain – a passion for cooking and the joy of preparing something delicious and nutritious for ourselves and the ones we love. When you buy takeaways or convenience foods you start to lose touch with ingredients and different flavours and a service like Daily Dish is all about getting back to that hands-on approach in the kitchen… but with a little extra convenience factor thrown in. That’s right, no one said home cooking had to be a chore. Daily Dish does all the hard graft and planning for you by delivering a box of recipes, along with all of the ingredients to make said recipes, straight to your door each week.

Simply order a Daily Dish box before Wednesday morning (11am) each week, and the next Monday they’ll drop off a box containing all the ingredients and recipes you need for four meals for one, two, or four people for the week. It’s the perfect solution for singletons, families, or couples who want to stay healthy and enjoy fresh, home cooked food every night. Daily Dish is also a great way for newbie home-chefs to learn to cook in the comfort of their own homes so, no matter what kitchen skills you possess, it’s a no-brainer.

Daily Dish

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I love that the recipes are always super easy to follow and are never boring. You also get a choice of 6 different menu options including Classic, Banting, Pork-free, and Vegetarian so you can spice it up whenever you want. There’s even a Solo Box for those of us who live alone and don’t have anyone to cook for just yet. But wait, there’s more! Daily Dish can also help you save money – I saved over R300 a week on groceries using Daily Dish as they eliminate wastage and deliver the ingredients in the exact quantities you need.  Click here to find out more.

Want to get started with Daily Dish today? The pricing is super competitive –  you’re looking at paying R389 per week for The Solo box while the other boxes start from R660 – click here to find out more and explore the menus on offer. Daily Dish is currently also offering a special deal for first time Daily Dishers – click here to get R100 off your first Solo box or R250 off a box for two people or more! You can also say Hi to Daily Dish on Facebook and Twitter.

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