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Eat Out The Box

Don’t grow up – it’s a trap! Truer words have never been spoken. If someone had told pre-teen me that being a full-blown adult was filled with boring stuff like laundry, paying bills, and grocery shopping, I’m pretty sure I would have opted out. One of my main gripes with being an adult is mid-week meal prep. Who has time to whip up complicated meals day-in-and-day-out? Not me, that’s for sure. Luckily for me, I’ve just realised that I live within the delivery area for Eat Out the Box. This owner-run food delivery kitchen is all about offering hungry Capetonians wholesome, homestyle cooking at the touch of a button – which means no more slaving over a hot stove for me!

The deliciously wholesome meals from Eat Out the Box are freshly prepared by hand using fresh, local ingredients and plenty of love. You won’t find any artificial colourants or preservatives in their food, just fresh herbs and spices. While there may be other food delivery services out there, Eat Out the Box is in a league of its own. The fact that the business is owner-run means you get more personalised service, attention to detail, and of course, the benefit of healthier, more wholesome meal choices made from family recipes.

 Eat Out The Box
Living in the southern suburbs, the Eat Out the Box team has kept things close to home, serving the community in areas like Tokia, Bergvliet, Constantia, Wynberg, Kenilworth, Claremont, Newlands, and Rondebosch seven days a week from 17:00 to 22:00. You can find the full list of southern suburbs delivery areas here.

On the menu, you’ll find all sorts of tempting eats and treats including wood-fired, thin-based pizzas, pastas, burgers, salads, ribs, desserts, kids meals, and more. And the best bit? You can order your dinner using their super convenient app, or by calling the Eat Out the Box hotline, and they’ll send one of their friendly drivers to your door with your order in no time at all. Don’t want your food right away? The online ordering service is pretty genius in that it allows you to also place your order at any time of the day and then choose your preferred delivery time when the kitchen opens.

 Eat Out The Box

I ordered a few nibbles using their app recently and pigged out on the Chilli Popper starter (4 jalapeno peppers, stuffed with feta, crumbed and fried – R59), 2 large pizzas, traditional Beef Lasagne (R105), and two double Chunk Chocolate Brownies (R36 each) for dessert. The boyfriend and I pigged out on the starter, pizzas, and brownies for supper on a Saturday night and kept the lasagne in the fridge for dinner on Sunday.

Our favourite pizza of the two we ordered was definitely the 3 Little Pigs pizza (Ham, bacon and salami – R86). I loved the crispy thin base and the toppings were beyond delicious. The chilli poppers had just the right amount of spice to them and were definitely the best takeaway chilli poppers I have had in a long while! As for the brownies, these decadent treats are a chocolate lover’s dream come true. Dark, gooey, and oh-so-moreish, you simply can’t order from Eat Out the Box without throwing in a brownie or five.

 Eat Out The Box

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On Sunday night we felt like we had to have something a little more homestyle so I whipped up a quick green salad and served it alongside the lasagne we’d ordered the night before. If you love pasta then the lasagne from Eat Out the Box won’t disappoint. This beautifully meaty, cheesy dish warmed my carb lover’s heart on that chilly Sunday evening. It’s a dish packed with wholesome homecooked goodness and I’d definitely recommend it for a mid-week meal when you just can’t bring yourself to cook.

Eat Out the Box really does offer the best of both worlds and I love that you can go from ordering indulgent treats like pizza and brownies on weekends to more healthier mid-week options that help you steer clear of mass-produced fast foods. Plus, for the budget conscious they offer a wide range of mid-specials that are just tempting to pass up. If you’re in the southern suburbs of Cape Town, do yourself a big favour and give them a try!

Ready to place your order? Check out the full mean for Eat Out the Box here.

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