Dermalogica Sound Sleep Cocoon – the Best Thing Since Counting Sheep? [Review]

Dermalogica Sound Sleep Cocoon

Struggling to sleep? You’re not alone. A recent study conducted by The Bed Shop revealed that 68 percent of South Africans experience poor sleep most nights. Getting enough sleep is incredibly important for health and well being as it helps with various aspects of brain function, improves your immune function, and helps your body restore and rebuild after a long day. Sleep is also super important when it comes to your skin – sleep is crucial for the skin’s recovery from the assaults of the day and just a few nights of poor quality sleep can lead to dull, lack luster skin as well as dark circles and premature ageing. So, if counting sheep isn’t quite working for you any more why not try a new kid on the block? The dual-duty Dermalogica Sound Sleep Cocoon not only promises to help you get to sleep but also transforms your skin in the midnight hours by optimising skin-recovery.

The gel like cream was developed with the idea in mind that a rested skin is a happy skin. It follows the idea that the better and deeper you are able to get at night, the better your skin is able to regenerate and restore itself from daily free radical and environmental impurity damage. Infused with motion-activated essential fragrances of French lavender, sandalwood and patchouli as well as a long list of active ingredients, Dermalogica’s Sound Sleep Cocoon not only sends you into a deep, relaxing sleep but also works to restore and regenerate your skin cells during the night. The creamy serum works to soothes and nourish the skin during the night by restoring any essential hydration that has been lost throughout the day and combat any free radical damage that might have occurred.

Dermalogica Sound Sleep Cocoon

This wonder gel is packed with active ingredients, like Albizia Julibrissin Bark Extrac, Evodia Rutaecarp, Fruit Extract, Kakadu Plum Extract, and tamarind seed extract which help to optimise the skin’s natural overnight repair and recovery process as well as reduce signs of skin fatigue, soothe and hydrate the skin, restore vitality, improve skin texture, and brighten skin tone. Sounds too good to be true right?

I thought so too but after a few weeks of using this product I am convinced it’s the best thing since Uber Eats. I usually apply it right before bed, after cleansing my face and doing the rest of my skincare routine, and it beautifully calming scent really does help to put you right to sleep. My skin also looks and feels like an absolute dream in the morning – no redness or dry patches in sight, just a beautiful glow that makes you want to shout out to the world; “I woke up like this!”

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Dermalogica Sound Sleep Cocoon
Dermalogica Sound Sleep Cocoon is super easy to use, simply cleanse and moisturise your face as normal and then massage it in to activate its motion-activated essential scents and head to bed. The product is available from Dermalogica stores as well as selected beauty salons and spas nationwide and retails for R1295. The 50ml tub should last for up to 3 months (or 95 uses) so it’s a pretty good investment.

But wait, there’s more. To help you get even more out of your product, Dermalogica has also developed an app to help you sleep better. The app offers some excellent tips to help you get a good night’s rest as well as a Sleep Sound Track that plays binaural beats that you can listen to as you drift off to la la land. Binaural beats are a high-tech way to relax your mind and prepare for deep, restful sleep and is made up of two different sound frequencies played along with a soothing background audio track. While listening, your brain “hears” the difference between the two frequencies, and responds by quickly cycling to a state of deep relaxation, helping you fall asleep more quickly. Dermalogica designed the Sleep Sound track in an isochronic (single-tone) format, so that you can listen to it without headphones. Click here to try it tonight for relaxing, restorative sleep!

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