Digitise: What is it & Why You Should Care


Starting a business in this day and age (while far more convenient than it used to be), requires a whole lot more. Not only do you need to register your business, but now you have to have a domain name, website, a way to manage your customers or clients, and a marketing plan. But, imagine having all those needs filled by one simple system?

Digitise is just that. Combining a hosting and website-building platform with a fully-integrated CRM (Customer Relationship Management) back-end and marketing tools, Digitise is an all-in-one solution to get your business off the ground. So instead of using ten different companies (with half of it probably being outsourced to India) to get what you need, Digitise does it all at a fraction of the cost.


It’s an online platform, but one which you have full control of. So, instead of registering your domain with a hosting company, struggling to build a website on WordPress, hiring a designer, fumbling your way trying to keep track of your customers on a badly laid-out Excel spreadsheet, and then attempting a marketing plan, you can simply use Digitise to make running your business (and life) a whole lot easier.


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