Eish Kream Brings Cold-Pressed Spaghetti Ice Cream Trend to South Africa!

Eish Kream

Spaghetti ice cream? Don’t knock it ’til you’ve tried it! For Yaseera Essack Carrim of Durban, tasting this string-like confection in a tiny European cafe gave her the inspiration to bring a new way to serve ice cream back to South Africa. With little happening in the innovative local ice cream market, Yaseera brought home the concept of spaghetti ice cream, a dessert loved by Europeans for decades already, and so Eish Kream was born!

Don’t worry though, there is no pasta in sight! The name simply refers to the shape of the gelato quality, soft-serve consistency ice cream once it is extruded through a machine creating long, spaghetti-like strings. And it’s truly delicious – made with organic milk and cream and using as many natural ingredients as possible, Yaseera has been toying with many fun flavours from the sexy, black activated charcoal to the brightly coloured Unicorn Tears. Other flavours include Bubble Gum, Chocochino, Lime and Sweet Cream.

As the perfect treat, Eish Kream is served with plenty of yummy toppings including marshmallows, wafers, fruit loops and candy, and comes served in a cup, sugar cone, taco, edible cup or an on-the-go, recyclable box. Unique flavours can be made too for specific events.

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Currently available in Joburg and Durban, Eish Kream will soon be coming to Cape Town and will also be in big retail stores soon. For more information visit the Eish Kream website. You can also say Hi to Eish Kream on Facebook to keep up to date with new stockists in your city.

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