10 New Must-Try Beauty Products for October [Review]

Elizabeth Arden Advanced Ceramide Capsules Daily Youth Restoring Eye Serum

It’s time for another WomenStuff beauty roundup! Every month our beauty desk is inundated with new beauty products to try – from new skincare product releases to fabulous new makeup items and more, there’s always something exciting popping up. So, I decided to put them all together for you in one convenient place so you get all the reviews and news on the latest must-try beauty products without having to sift through a million articles. All of the products featured here have been personally reviewed by me, so you know they’re aces. Here are 10 new beauty products to try in October 2017!

Reviewed by Me

These are some of my favourite products from our beauty desk this month – they’ve all been personally reviewed by me and get the WomenStuff stamp of approval!

1. Palladio Pop Shine Lip Balm

Palladio Pop Shine Lip Balm

These soft, creamy, colourful lip balms are a summer must-have! If you’re looking for a nourishing lip balm that will also give your lips a fun pop of colour every time you apply then I highly recommend the Palladio Pop Shine balms. They glide on beautifully and offer really good colour pigment – giving you a similar effect to a creamy lipstick but with a little bit of shine. The jumbo crayon-like size of this balm allows for easy and precise application when you don’t have a mirror lying around. The colour also lasts quite a while and should withstand eating and drinking pretty well – obviously it also depends on the colour you choose and brighter shades will tend to last longer than lighter ones. There are six shades available – I tried the oh-so-flattering nude shade, “Get Real’.

Palladio Pop Shine Lip Balms are available from Dis-Chem Pharmacies at R95.

2. Elizabeth Arden Advanced Ceramide Capsules Daily Youth Restoring Eye Serum

Elizabeth Arden Advanced Ceramide Capsules Daily Youth Restoring Eye Serum

While these eye serum capsules have been around for a little while Elizabeth Arden has recently updated the formula with nine fabulous new ingredients (including a mix of Ceramide 1, 3, and 6 as well as sea fennel extract, and Japanese Tsubaki) all aimed at minimising the appearance of fine lines, improving your skin’s barrier function, and giving the delicate skin around your eyes oodles of hydration. This powerful eye serum comes in capsule form and is a real treat for your skin. I use them morning and night and they give you a kind of luxury pampering feeling that not many products can achieve. Of course, it’s not all about luxury, these puppies also work wonders around the eye area! If you have issues with crow’s feet and puffiness around the eye area then these little gems are worth the splurge. While each capsule is intended as a single dose for your eye area, they’re actually quite generously filled so I find that I usually have enough to use on my entire face when I crack one open.

Elizabeth Arden Advanced Ceramide Capsules Daily Youth Restoring Eye Serum is priced at R655 for 60 caps.

3. Nuxe Sun Delicious Cream for Face (High Protection SPF30)

Nuxe Sun Delicious Face Cream High Protection SPF30

Like most sane adult women I hate having clogged pores – especially in summer. Which is why I used to shy away from using sun cream on my face. I hated that sweaty feeling on my face and no one looks cute with makeup melting off their face by 10 am. Luckily I discovered facial sunscreens and my whole world changed. I love this Nuxe Sun Delicious Cream for the Face because it’s lightweight and doesn’t leave a weird white veil on your face after applying. This deliciously creamy sun cream goes on like a moisturiser and works beautifully under my foundation or on bare skin. I also adore the fresh, flowery scent of this product – it doesn’t have that thick, chemical sun cream smell that a lot of brands have which is a huge plus. The cream has a slightly yellow undertone to it and thanks to the rice powder contained in the product, it doesn’t leave a greasy film on the skin.

Nuxe Sun Delicious Face Cream High Protection SPF30 is available at Woolworths at R320.

4. Morlage & Yorke Luxury Soaps

Morlage & Yorke Luxury Soaps

Sure, you’re probably thinking soap is soap, am I right? But, these luxurious soaps from Morlage & Yorke truly are a cut above the rest. Wrapped in beautiful printed paper and exquisitely fragranced, these soaps are bath time luxury personified. They make great gifts and stocking fillers and are also the perfect way to pamper yourself at home. I love them because they leave my skin feeling soft, smooth, and delicately fragranced after a shower or bath (that’s thanks to the floral extract and vitamin complexes contained in each bar). The soaps are available in four scents including Frangipani & Ylang, Fresh Linen & White Jasmine, Moroccan Rose & Argan, and Vintage Poppy & Spring Rain.

Morlage & Yorke luxury soaps are available from @Home at R59 for 250g bar.

5. Kahve Coffee & Cinnamon Enliven Body Scrub

Kahve Coffee & Cinnamon Enliven Body Scrub

Coffee scrubs are all the rage at the moment and this local version from Khave is a real winner. The luxe brand was started by ex-Stormers rugby player Tim Whitehead, and his business partner, Stuart Black and launched with two fabulous skin scrubs (Coconut Matcha, Revive and Coffee Cinnamon, Enliven) that are sure to take the market by storm. Packaged in a sleek, and oh-so-chic, re-sealable black packet, these scrubs are sure to appeal to both women and men and are the ideal gift for guys and gals this festive season. I got the chance to try the coffee scrub and it really did blow my socks off. It works wonders to energize and invigorate the skin and also has a firming effect. I like to use mine once a week in the shower and then follow with a deeply moisturising body butter to really feel the benefits of the product. It leaves your skin feeling incredibly smooth and it exfoliates like a boss. The high quantities of caffeine found in the Robusta bean contained in the product help to fight the appearance of cellulite, while Avocado and Borage oils help to offer hydration.

Kahve Coffee & Cinnamon Enliven Body Scrub is available online here for R280 for a 225g sachet.

6. Cherubs Eco-Care Lightly Fragranced Eco-friendly Facial Wipes

Cherubs Lightly Fragranced Eco-friendly Facial Wipes

I’ve been trying my level best not to use make-up remover wipes. I used to use them every night when I was a student but these days I’m more concerned about their effect on the environment than saving 5 minutes in the bathroom every morning and night. But, I must admit when these eco-friendly bio-degradable wipes landed on my desk, the lazy girl inside me was intrigued. The wipes are flushable, alcohol and paraben-free, and dermatologically tested meaning they won’t harm the planet and they’re pretty great for those with sensitive skin. The range offers three different variants (Normal, Sensitive/Dry, and Oily/Combination) and is designed to gently and effectively remove excess oils, dirt and make-up leaving your skin clean, hydrated and fresh. I tried the Normal and the Oily versions and was quite impressed with how effectively they removed makeup and how clean my skin felt after using them. They’re a great addition to your bag when travelling and you want to reduce the number of liquids you’re carrying on the plane with you and come in packs of 24, 60, and 80 wipes.

Cherubs Eco-Care Facial Wipes are available from Clicks stores starting at R24.99 for a pack of 24 wipes.

7. Yungskin Tissue Oil

Yungskin Tissue Oil

I was first introduced to Yungskin in September this year and what a journey that has been! This South African brand is the world’s first Energy Infused skincare brand and is well known for its use of quantum energy science and cellular stimulation principles to help restore the skin to its natural youthfulness. I decided to start my Yungskin journey with the Yungskin Tissue Oil. After a few weeks of using this product I must admit, I am darn impressed. Designed to lift and tone the skin this oil can be used to treat scars, stretch marks, ageing skin, dehydrated skin, uneven skin tone and is even known to help with atopic conditions like eczema. It contains Neroli Oil and can be used twice daily (morning and evening) on cleansed skin. I love this oil because it is super nourishing and I have definitely noticed a difference in my skin since I started using it – especially my legs which were not coping after a rather dry winter. It gives your skin a healthy glow after applying and is non-greasy, which I love. The product also smells divine (like a luxury spa!) and after applying it I instantly feel a little more relaxed.

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Yungskin Tissue Oil is available online at R110 for 100ml.

8. ORLY Breathable Nail Polish

ORLY Breathable Nail Polish

We tend to be hard on our nails and they often don’t have time to rest and recharge, leaving them dry, damaged and dehydrated. That’s where ORLY’s Breathable Treatment + Color range comes in. This range of colour polish with a built-in treatment offers nail polish lovers advanced oxygen technology that allows oxygen and hydration to penetrate the nail, allowing it to stay moisturised (and moisture is key for healthy nails!). The breathable formula nourishes and strengthens nails with Argan Oil, Pro-vitamin B5 & Vitamin C so that they grow stronger and, with no base coat or top coat needed, using this polish cuts at-home manicure time in half! After a few weeks of using this polish, I definitely felt a difference in my nails (they felt stronger and were peeling less) and I was impressed with the colour’s staying power after managing to go four days with no chipping (that’s unheard of for me when using natural polish). It’s recommended that you use at least two coats of ORLY Breathable when painting your nails and the polish should be applied to clean, bare nails. The range offers 18 colours in total so make sure you stock up on a few for summer!

The ORLY Breathable range is available online from Indi Glow at R169.

Things I Love this Month

While I haven’t had a chance to review the products below they are definitely on my radar for the coming months. These products and places range from the oh-so-cute to the downright brilliant. You’re bound to find something you’ll love and want to try.

9. Coverderm’s Perfect Legs and Perfect Legs Fluid

Coverderm Perfect Legs and Perfect Legs Fluid

Makeup for your legs? This stuff really intrigued me this month and might just be the easiest way to get your legs summer-ready. This body makeup claims to easily conceal blemishes and imperfections on the legs and body and can be used to cover up varicose veins, stretch marks, phlebitis, vitiligo, scars, burns, dark marks, sun spots, moles, bruises, and even tattoos. The product contains beeswax, which allows the make-up to stay on even through sweat, oil and water. In addition to that, it has antiseptic and anti-bacterial properties to help cells regenerate and aid skin healing. Coverderm also claims you can swim with this skin makeup on – sounds like summer winner to me!

Coverderm Perfect Legs and Perfect Legs Fluid is available from Dis-Chem pharmacies as well as online for R635 (Perfect Legs Fluid) and R550 (Perfect Legs).

10. Dermalogica Overnight Retinol Repair 1%

Dermalogica Overnight Retinol Repair 1%

Everyone is talking about the launch of this powerful oil in SA. The product contains a whopping 1% retinol as well as and other skin-loving ingredients and it has become a fan favourite of those in the know worldwide. We all know that retinol is a wonder for ageing and dehydrated skin as it helps to slow down the breakdown of collagen, firm up your skin, and even fight pigmentation so this addition to the Dermalogica range is rather exciting. If you’re already a big fan of retinol products and have been using them for a while then this new addition to the Dermalogica range is sure to be a winner for you. If you’re new to retinol it’s not a good idea to start with a product containing a whopping 1% of retinol but instead start off slow with something milder like Dermalogica’s Overnight Retinol Repair which contains 0,5% retinol. It’s also best to consult your skin care specialist before trying a product like this on your skin.

Dermalogica Overnight Retinol Repair 1% is available exclusively at professional Dermalogica care centres at R1680.

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