Elizabeth Arden Sheer Kiss Lip Oil: Your New Summer Lippy Obsession! [Review]

Elizabeth Arden Sheer Kiss Lip Oils

My decade-long love affair with lip balm might just be over! For as long as I can remember, of the infinite amount of useful things you could find in my handbag, lip balm has always been one of them. Heck, it’s not just my handbag; I’ve got lip balm everywhere – my car, my desk, the kitchen, the bathroom, my boyfriend’s car… everywhere. But what if I told you I’d found a new product that could steal its hailed spot? One that does everything your favourite lip balm does, just better? Yes ladies, ready your lips because bog-standard lip balms are out and luxury lip oils are in. I tried the new Elizabeth Arden Sheer Kiss Lip Oils to see just why you need to hop onboard the lip oil bandwagon.

Like me, you might be thinking that the last thing you want is oily lips, but after finding out just how fabulous oils are for your skin and hair, I thought I may as well give it a try. I wasn’t expecting to be such a quick convert but just one swipe of the hydrating, non-greasy formula has me obsessed. But why make the switch? The sad truth is that, as much as we love them, many lip balms on the market contain petroleum and other ingredients that temporarily cushion and moisturise your lips, but eventually dry them out. This creates a cycle of constant need, making you use more lip balm than should ever be necessary. Oils, however, are pure skin-nourishing stuff that keep your lips soft, nourished, and looking like pure perfection all day every day. Plus, if you’re the type of lass who is all about the tinted balm life then you’ll be thrilled to hear that oils are in fact the perfect companion for lip stains – so, even as the initial shine and gloss fades the pop of colour you got when you applied will remain.

Elizabeth Arden Sheer Kiss Lip Oils

New to the South African market, the Elizabeth Arden Sheer Kiss Lip Oils are hard not to love. The cute-as-a-button tinted oils are encased in a colourful round tube with a soft center that you press to dispense the product onto your finger on directly onto your lips. The product is instantly nourishing and while it takes a few seconds to get used to the feeling of having oil on your lips (the trick is to use only a small amount), the oil does soak into the lips quite quickly. The lip oil is a bit of a lipgloss-lip balm hybrid and feels soft, like a lip balm, when applied but delivers a beautifully natural-looking pop of colour that has some serious staying power like a gloss. The formula contains lovely things like coconut, avocado and Tsubaki oils and offers a wonderful treat for the lips, bridging the gap between colour and care.

Available in six colours (including Coral Caress, Nude Oasis, Pampering Pink, Rejuvenate Red, Purple Serenity, and Heavenly Rose) these adorable little pots of colour are perfect for day and night wear. The tints are very sheer (just what I want from an on-the-go lip product) but can be built up if you prefer more of a pop. My favourite colours in the collection so far are the Nude Oasis (a dark nude which looks great on pale skin), Heavenly Rose (a pretty dark pink), and Rejuvenating Red (a skin tone brightening milky red).

Elizabeth Arden Sheer Kiss Lip Oils

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While the price of the Elizabeth Arden Sheer Kiss Lip Oils might be a bit steep for some, for me they are worth the splurge. As someone who doesn’t wear a full face of makeup every day these have become a go-to on “no makeup” days when I just want to brush on a little mascara and swipe some colour on my lips before heading out the door.

Elizabeth Arden Sheer Kiss Lip Oils are available online from Foschini for Beauty at R295 as well as leading beauty counters nationwide. 

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