This Site Will Help You Find the Perfect Venue for Your Wedding, Birthday, or a Special Occasion!


If you’ve been searching high and low for the ideal venue for a dinner party, your birthday, wedding or even a conference but have been coming up empty handed every time then this new South African venue finding website will be a lifesaver! Whether it’s a simple room with a view or a huge outdoor arena, the arrangements are much more easily overcome once the venue box is ticked. That’s where EventRoom comes in – use the clever site to easily find and book just about any venue in the country from the comfort of your own home.

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EventRoom features an impressive and growing list of exciting venues – private mansions, restaurant cellars, the Oyster Box Hotel , luxury yachts and the Castle of Good Hope are among the 400 spaces already listed on EventRoom nationally. To find your dream venue all you need to do is search for venues based on size, location, type of event and amenities, and then you’re able to book the spaces for anything from kiddies’ parties to weddings, corporate functions, film or photo shoots. And, the best bit? You don’t have to visit each individual venue site to figure out what they offer – they site lays it all out for you!


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“With EventRoom, you just search, filter, book and you’re done,” says co-founder of EventRoom, Nicky Rosin, “There are a huge amount of amazing event spaces from bars to private homes to art galleries that aren’t being used simply because people don’t know about them, or how to book them. We want to give people access to these unique spaces and also create a marketplace for venues of all kinds as opposed to another directory for specialised events, like weddings.”

So, if you’re looking for anything from a rooftop to a basement; a groovy treehouse to a repurposed lighthouse; a single room in Woodstock to a banqueting suite in the bush – you will find it at EventRoom. To find your dream venue now visit the Event Room website.

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