Beauty Product of the Week: Hero Haze Styling Powder [Review]

EVO Haze Styling Powder

We all know the drill; you spend hours shampooing, conditioning, treating and styling your hair only for it to lose the will to live 3 days later. We’ve all experienced the dreaded Day 3 post-shampoo slump – you know when your hair gives up and goes as limp as a washcloth. For some of us this may mean greasy locks that refuse to be lifted and for others it might mean dry, lifeless hair with no bounce or pep to speak of. Whatever your day 3 slump looks like, I’ve found THE product to help you say bye-bye lifeless hair and hello beautiful body. EVO Haze Styling Powder is officially my hero product of the week thanks to its amazing ability to bring hair back to life! Here’s why I think every woman should have this little product in her beauty bag.

With just a few sprinkles, this magical little powder will take your hair from floppy to fabulous and full-bodied in seconds. Forget dry shampoo, if you can only travel with one product this summer then make it EVO Haze Styling Powder. I got the chance to try this little bottle of awesomeness recently and fell in love with it after the very first time I used it, and trust me I’ve tried it all! Dry shampoos are great for making your hair feel squeaky clean (ish) again but this stuff is the only product I have ever found that brings limp, lacklustre hair back from the dark side.

EVO Haze Styling powder
Hair stylist, Lauren Mackellar uses EVO Haze for a braid tutorial on

The styling powder has a matte finish so it allows you to soak up the extra grease and moisture that causes limp roots. To resurrect your hair all you need to do is sprinkle some of the powder on your roots, massage it in and brush. The product leaves hair looking soft and vivacious and is great for all hair types and colours. But just a warning, the powder is white so you need to make sure you massage it in properly to avoid any reside in dark hair.

I also love that with the EVO Haze Styling Powder a little goes a long way. I’ve been using the powder for weeks now and every time I use it I need just a few sprinkles to get the desired effect. With this product less is definitely more and it doesn’t take much to get the look you want. The powder also works well as a replacement to gel as you can also use it create texture or body in certain areas when doing an up-do or braiding your hair.

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EVO Haze Styling Powder
Using EVO Haze Styling Powder to as an alternative to gel.

The EVO Haze Styling Powder is great for travelling (especially if you have to go 2 or more days without washing your hair) and camping as it’s ultra lightweight and will help you stretch out the days in-between washes. Of course, it goes without saying that this hero product is also a lazy girl’s best friend.

Evo Haze Styling Powder retails for about R335 and is available at selected spas and salons nationwide. Say Hi to EVO South Africa on Facebook for stockist information. 

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