Why Fermented Foods Are Good For Weight Loss and Your Skin.

Boschendal Fermentation

If you’re a regular reader of health blogs then you probably know that gut health is the new big thing in healthy eating. And, nothing promotes gut health like fermentation. Which is why natural probiotic fare and traditional fermentation techniques are making a come-back on the foodie scene. You’ll find all things fermentated on the menu at leading restaurants worldwide and South African eateries are no stranger to the tasty trend. For example, at Boschendal’s The Werf Restaurant, Executive Chef Christiaan Campbell and his team are using age-old fermentation techniques to produce delicious dishes using only the best natural produce sourced from Boschendal’s 5-acre food garden. But why the sudden hype? It’s quite simple, fermented foods are somewhat of a wonder when it comes to maintaining a healthy weight, having glowing skin, and all round health.

While some might think that fermentation is all about preservation it also produces highly nutritious foods, filling them with antioxidants and other beneficial probiotics. Fermentation also helps to make foods more easily digestible and promotes gut health. Essentially fermented foods help to feed the trillions of tiny creatures (or good bacteria) living in our bodies and in turn these little creatures, especially those in our gut, help to improve digestion, boost immunity and give is loads of other healthy benefits in the process. The bottom line is, everyone can benefit from a little fermentation in their diet!

Kimchi can be stored in jars and lasts for ages!

You can think of fermented foods as the new “superfoods” because they help our bodies absorb nutrients and keep our microbiome balanced. An unbalanced microbiome is an unhappy microbiome and eventually leads to gut distress. And, a distressed gut can lead to malnutrition and other illnesses even if you try to be super healthy. That’s right, even if you take in all the vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants your body needs, they might not improve your health as they should. Having balanced, healthy gut bacteria can help you stay healthier and absorb all the right nutrients your body needs to keep illness at bay, your skin looking healthy and your body at a healthy weight.

Some great fermented foods to try for better gut health include: Kimchee (which has been shown to lower cholesterol, prevent constipation, and even help to reduce stress), Kefir (a natural probiotic offering incredible support for your immune system), and Sauerkraut (for a healthy dose of probiotics and fibre). Of course, when it comes to fermented foods, there’s loads to explore and discover!

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Boschendal Fermentation
Boschendal’s The Werf restaurant has added the magic of fermenting to their menu.

If you’re new to the fermentation game then Boschendal’s The Werf restaurant is a great place to start exploring! Kimchi, Kombucha, Kefir – these are just some of the international fermentation traditions that Chef Christiaan, and his team, are channelling into signature shared meal platters at The Werf Restaurant. Of course, using the best nature has to offer isn’t a new idea at the farm – while the fermentation trend might be a new addition to the menu, Boschendal has always prided itself on working with nature to produce real food using fresh produce. And now, thanks to this new, exciting trend, The Werf restaurant is including hints of exotic specialities in its farm to table dining. Guests to the farm can expect to find delights like fermented black garlic, kimchi and a range of seasonal fermented produce as well as mead, or honey wine, enhancing the flavours of Chef Christiaan’s platters.

Click here to find out more about The Werf Restaurant and their new Sharing Food platters and stay tuned to WomenStuff for some great fermentation recipes in the future!

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