FinalStraw, The World’s First Collapsible, Reusable Straw Fits On Your Keyring


It’s finally time to address the problem with plastic and while you might think reducing your plastic use is a huge task, it’s easier than you think. In fact, it could be as easy as picking just thing to start off with – like plastic straws for example. Along with the worldwide war against single-use plastic like carrier bags and disposable coffee cups, plastic straws are next on the list of not-so-cool plastics. And now, with FinalStraw, the world’s first collapsible, reusable straw that’s small enough to attach to your keys, it’s easier than ever to say no to plastic straws and use your own.

Why straws? They’re not biodegradable and are incredible difficult to recycle, so they end up in landfills or in oceans, lakes, and rivers, where they are either consumed by marine animals, or they break down into dangerous microplastics which are also harmful to sea life.


The solution? Designed to last a lifetime, FinalStraw is a reusable straw that folds down into a nifty case (made of 100% post-consumer recycled plastic) that you can clip onto your keychain or handbag. There’s no need to worry about your straw getting dirty because it comes with a little cleaning squeegee which also fits into the case! Your FinalStraw can be used in both hot and cold drinks and is totally dishwasher safe.

FinalStraw is available in four quirky colours: including green, grey, coral, and blue so there’s one to suit every taste. What’s more, just one FinalStraw can help save around 584 straws from harming our environment every year. Saving the world couldn’t be easier!

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FinalStraw is available now through Kickstarter. Each FinalStraw costs $20 and currently ships from Los Angeles. The estimated delivery is November 2018. 

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