Fitch & Leedes Launches Range of Craft Sodas & Alcohol-Free Cocktails

Fitch & Leedes sodas & mocktails

This summer is set to be a lot sweeter thanks to Fitch & Leedes. Known for its premium range of authentic mixers, Fitch & Leedes has just launched a brand-new selection of timeless 300ml soft drinks and mocktails; Fitch & Leedes Classics and Moments.

Fitch & Leedes Classics will take you down memory lane with cherished retro favourites. Classics Ginger Beer has the authentic fiery kick of ginger spice. Classics Passionade is a modern twist on passionfruit and lemonade, while Classics Lime Twist is a refreshing take on lime and soda. Classics Rock Shandy is the beloved Irish mix of soda, lemonade and bitters with a dash of allspice.

Fitch & Leedes sodas & mocktails

The classic sodas make for a delicious choice on their own but also make for great mixers with your favourite alcohol of choice. For a quick summer cocktail, try a shot of vodka with the Classics Passionade or Lime Twist.

If you’re the designated driver this summer or are looking to cut back on your alcohol intake then you’ll love the new range of Fitch & Leedes Moments vintage mocktails. These cans of joy are the ultimate non-alcoholic alternative to keep the party going all summer.

Fitch & Leedes

Moments Blushing Mimosa is the ideal stand-in for this popular sparkling wine and orange juice classic, with an added shot of cranberry.

Traditionally made with ginger ale and pomegranate juice topped with maraschino cherries, Moments Shirley Temple is a remake of this Hollywood classic in honour of the famous child star of the 1930s. Savour the creamy taste of raspberry sherbet of this lightly sparkling mocktail.

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Moments Pink G&T is a sequel to the time-honoured gin and tonic with bitter citrus notes of juniper berries melded with fresh cucumber and fragrant rosewater – perfect for a refreshing sundowner.

Moments Island Fish Bowl is a tropical burst of coconut and the sweet-bitter citrus taste of blue curaçao liqueur. Let this gently sparkling, island-style mocktail take you to sandy white beaches and crystal blue waters of the Caribbean.

Fitch & Leedes Moments & Classics collections are available at leading stores from R9.99 per 300ml can for Classics and R59.99 per 6-pack, while Moments sell at around R12.99 per 300ml can and R79.99 per 6-pack. For online purchases visit the Fitch & Leedes website.

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