Food We Love Delivers Affordable, Healthy Lunches to Your Office Every Day [Review]


It’s true, adulting is hard. Not only are we expected to get out of bed and go to work each day looking vaguely presentable but we’re also expected to look after ourselves and eat a balanced diet. Sadly, yet another pie from the petrol station down the road doesn’t count as a healthy lunch and preparing lunch the night before can be such a chore. Luckily for busy working gals in Cape Town lunchtime just got a little bit easier thanks to FOODwelove. The Woodstock deli has created a range of affordable meals that are not only delicious but also balanced, healthy and free from preservatives, artificial additives and refined sugar and they’ll deliver them straight to your desk every day! So, forget about the days of soggy cheese and tomato sarmies in a plastic tub, because FOODwelove is turning your boring old lunch box into a gourmet feast.

Imagine having dishes such as Parmesan chicken fingers on green beans and roasted baby tomato served on basil infused zucchini noodles; or Beef and parsley mini koftas on a colourful quinoa and veggie tabbouleh drizzled with mint and lemon yoghurt delivered straight to your desk every day. With a range of affordable options, FOODwelove is now making it possible for you to eat healthy without all that fuss of doing it yourself. All their meals are produced fresh daily and will make sure you stay fed and happy so you have the energy to cope with yet another completely unnecessary 3pm meeting.


Using only high quality, locally sourced ingredients, the ever-evolving FOODwelove menu changes weekly and ensures all palates are catered for – from calorie counters to vegans, from chicken fans to carb loaders. Plus, there’s an opportunity to get your whole office involved. Cape Town businesses that sign up to the FOODwelove office lunch delivery service can either pay for the lunches in full, subsidise the meals or simply promote the service to their employees.

I got the chance to try a FOODwelove lunch for myself and was impressed by the portion size and just how delicious it was. When you hear healthy you’re inclined to think of a meal bereft of taste but my lunch from FOODwelove proved that eating healthy doesn’t have to mean denying yourself delicious food. The day I ordered I got a choice of four different meal options including a Healthy Lunch Box (Asian peanut chicken on red and white cabbage & carrot slaw served on spicy rice noodles), Comfort Classics (Grilled hake with herb & mustard sauce, creamy mashed potatoes and green beans), Vegan (Asian rice noodle, carrot & cabbage box topped with spicy peanut dressing and sliced avo), and Light lunch (Kalesadilla – toasted tortilla filled with spicy chicken, kale, cheese & Jalapeno peppers). With so many different options, each day’s menu strives to offer something for different food allergies or eating plans including vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, and more.

Foodwelove meals
The Healthy Lunch Box meal.

I opted for the Healthy Lunch Box which was packed with flavour. The combination of the sweet Asian peanut chicken with the spicy noodles was divine while the red and white cabbage & carrot slaw offered a fresh crunch to the dish. The portion size was super generous and while I usually have a healthy appetite during lunch time I wasn’t able to finish all the pieces of chicken provided in the lunch box. The fact that I was eating a healthy meal with no hassle from my side was also a real treat. I usually opt for the quickest (and not so healthy option) when it comes to lunch during work hours and the meal from FOODwelove made my life so much easier and kept me feeling full until dinner time.

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FOODwelove lunches range in price from R45 to R69 and are delivered daily to offices before 12.30 every day. All orders need to be placed by 11.30 on the Friday before. And, if you’re based in Woodstock and love heading out of the office for lunch then don’t forget that FOODwelove caters to the public too. If you are tired of that same old cheese sandwich and keen for some fresh, daily changing salads and menus, pop into the FOODwelove Deli (located at the Palms Décor & Lifestyle Centre, Woodstock) for breakfast, lunch or just a delicious cup of coffee.

For more information say Hi to FOODwelove on Facebook or visit their website to place your order now.

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