Fortaleza Premium Tequila Arrives on SA Shores

Fortaleza tequila

Tequila is generally not a middle of the road spirit as far as most people are concerned; you either absolutely love it or hate it. Many a naïve varsity student has been floored by the often-terrible tasting stuff and have developed a severe dislike for it. But usually, the negative opinions of tequilas come from the fact that people perhaps don’t drink high-quality brands, and like every type of alcohol, the quality is paramount to the experience. Luckily for tequila appreciators and the uninitiated, premium tequila brand, Fortaleza  Tequila has arrived on SA shoes to show us what good-quality tequila is all about.

Having spotted the increase in South Africans appreciating quality spirits of all sorts, Fortaleza Tequila has decided to launch a range for the South African market. A tequila brand that focuses on high-quality, traditional distilling methods to deliver premium tequila, Fortaleza isn’t going to leave you with a hazy headache after just a single shot.

Fortaleza tequila


Fortaleza uses intricate and traditional methods to extract the agave juices generally used to make tequila in the eponymous region of Mexico – following it up with unique and varied double-distilling methods in copper stills to achieve the distinct tastes associated with each of their three variants.

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They’ll be bringing three variants to SA: the crisp and citrus-infused Fortaleza Blanco (R750), the Fortaleza Reposado that has smoother honey and cinnamon notes (R1,000), and finally the Fortaleza Añejo (R1,300) that’s a rich gold and has elements of caramel and hints of nutmeg.

If you’re a tequila aficionado and need a new brand to sample, Fortaleza should be next on your list, or if you’ve had a cataclysmically bad experience with other tequilas, Fortaleza could redeem your love for the mysterious gold liquid!

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