Future Farm Brings Meatless Future Burger 2030 to South Africa

Future Farm Future Burger 2030

Great news for those following a plant-based lifestyle, the good old South African braai just got more inclusive, with Future Farm’s meatless Future Burger 2030. The plant-based burger is making big waves in the US and UK and now Future Farm has brought the future of ‘meat’ to South Africa with its future-focused meat alternative.

The Future Burger 2030 forms part of Future Farm’s brand new and tastier plant-based meat range. Packed with flavour, Future Farms says the burger is closer to the texture and juiciness of meat than ever before. Remember when at a South African braai chicken was considered the vegetarian option? That old joke is now firmly consigned to history with Future Farm’s tech-savvy and tasty plant-based burgers.

Future Farm Future Burger 2030

Vegetarians and vegans, as well as flexitarians who just don’t want to overdo the meat consumption, will be getting out their braai grids and tongs to celebrate this exciting new addition to the braai. Braai culture may be changing to include animal-free meat options, but that woodfire smoky taste and juicy burger texture stays just as we’ve always loved it. So how does Future Farm do it?

Future Farm meatless meat

In 2019, the Brazilian food-tech innovators started their dream of changing the way the world eats, by developing a meat alternative that tastes and feels like meat but uses only natural plant ingredients, and is GMO-free, gluten-free, and sustainably grown. They’ve kept their promise to keep on researching and developing, and the new 2030 range of meatless meat has got even closer to the taste and texture of animal-based meat.

Future Farm Future Burger 2030

“As a foodtech, we are continually reinventing and looking to improve in terms of taste, sustainability, and healthiness. Future Burger 2030 starts a new era in the company and the plant-based market, with new technology that allows us to update all our products”, says Marcos Leta, founder of the brand.

The 2030 range is so named because the company has fast-forwarded to already meet the goals that the UN has set for 2030 in sustainable development. Among them are responsible consumption and production, and the preservation of land ecosystems. “The thing is, we couldn’t wait any longer. We believe that changes concerning animal meat consumption are vital and urgent; that’s why we created Future Farm,” says Leta.

Future Farm Future Burger 2030

The burger of the future

Future Farms says the 2030 Burger is even healthier than previous versions. The unique mix of natural plant ingredients, which includes non-transgenic soy, pea, and beetroot, now includes canola oil and coconut oil, using a technology that makes the hamburger hold its fat, making it juicier and leaving almost no residue in the pan.

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The burger has a generous 14g of balanced vegetable protein per 100g serving, 12,9g of fat and, wait for it, 0% cholesterol and 0% trans-fat. It’s designed to appeal in flavour and texture to meat-eaters and vegetarians alike, so that we can all begin to reduce our dependence on animal-based protein, for our own health and for that of the planet.

Future Farm Future Burger 2030

A new braai heritage

We’ve just celebrated Heritage Month in September and now, we can start looking towards the heritage we leave for our children — one that’s healthier and more sustainable. Changing the way we eat together, so that everyone, no matter what their dietary preferences, gets to enjoy that camaraderie of sitting around the fire, sharing food, flavour, and our beloved South African braai traditions.

Look out for the Future Burger 2030 in Checkers stores across South Africa and fire up your braai for a flavourful future. All the Future Farm products in the range are currently selling for R64.99 each at Checkers

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