Hero Product of the Week: Treat Your Scalp with Gary Rom Derma Assist Treatment [Review]

Derma Assist

While Gary Rom’s Derma Assist Treatment might not be the sexiest product on the market it sure as heck works… and isn’t that all that matters? This super calming scalp treatment is a godsend for those who suffer from dry scalp, Psoriasis, or an itchy, sensitive scalp and is the type of product that works from the very first application. It’s not often you come across a product that is this effective which is why it is my choice for the hero product of the week.

If you’re in Joburg then you have no doubt heard of the Gary Rom product range and, of course, the incredible chain of Gary Rom hair salons. When I lived in Joburg I was a huge fan of the Gary Rom salons and their results-driven approach to hair care. One of the best things about visiting a Gary Rom hair salon is their multi-step client consultation – each time you visit your stylist hauls out your client file to record your progress and continue from where you left off the last time you where in the Gary Rom chair. When you first visit your hair is analysed and given a rating according to strength, quality, scalp condition, and many more other categories and from there the stylist discusses a treatment plan for you to suit your lifestyle and achieve your goals with your hair. I love this approach as you can actually see the results of your hard earned cash after each visit – brilliant! If you’re in Joburg then do yourself a favour and visit a Gary Rom hair salon near you soon. Click here to find your nearest salon in Joburg or Pretoria.

Gary Rom Haircare

So, with this approach to hair-care in mind it was only fitting that the Gary Rom group design its very own range of products for the loyal clients. The GRH range offers a wide variety of products from shampoos, conditioners, and treatments to styling aids, and more and each product was created with the same Gary Rom ethos in mind – to give client’s visible results at an affordable price. The GRH Derma Assist scalp treatment definitely delivers on that promise and I can’t stop singing its praises. I suffer from Psoriasis on my scalp and as a result I am constantly plagued by a dry, itchy, and sensitive scalp. The super fun thing about having Psoriasis is that your are blessed with skin cells that multiply up to ten times faster than normal. This leads to raised, red plaques covered with white scales and can often be mistaken for dandruff. The annoying thing is that when left unchecked the scalp only gets worse and worse and normal shampooing leaves my scalp feeling super sensitive and only keeps the white dandruff-like scales away for a day at most.

I have thick, curly hair which tends to be quite dry, which also means I am lucky enough to only have to wash my hair once a week, but alas, my scalp doesn’t play along with all this awesomeness and so, more regular washing is often required. I love the GRH Derma Assist because it allows me to stick to my once a week hair washing schedule and keeps the flakes at bay for a good 5 days before my scalp starts to feel a little itchy again. And the best bit is, after using the product for a few months it has really helped to lessen the severity of my flair ups!

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Gary Rom Haircare
If you visit one of their salons you can also experience the in-salon Derma Assist treatment!

The product is super simple to use – you just apply it directly to the scalp, section for section and then massage for 2 -3 minutes before allowing the product to sit for 5 minutes. After 5 minutes you can then rinse off the treatment and shampoo as normal. The packaging also comes with an easy application nozzle that allows you to apply the product directly to the scalp. Derma Assist leaves the scalp feeling fresh and super clean and you can immediately feel the calming sensation on the skin. With Tea Tree Oil and Hyaluronic acid, which both help to treat and soothe itchy, raised skin and moisturise the scalp, Derma Assist is specially formulated to help those who need a little extra TLC on the scalp area – whether you’re suffering from a bout of dry scalp or have a more long-term problem to treat this is the ideal product to try.

The GRH Derma Assist treatment is available at Gary Rom hair salons and online from the Gary Rom online store at R360 for 150ml. Click here to buy the product online now.

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