Ghd Launches its First Ever Hot Styling Brush in South Africa

ghd Glide

Let’s be honest, the hot styling brush is pretty much the best invention in the history of ever, and now, the king of professional and at-home styling has finally come to the table with a hot brush of its own. Anyone who loves ghd will know that the launch of the new ghd Glide is pretty much the biggest thing in at-home styling since Dyson brought us that wacky looking tube that also happens to be a hair dryer. If you love flat irons, but aren’t such a huge fan of the poker straight look then the ghd Glide could become your new go-to styling tool. And the best news? It has finally arrived in South Africa!

Don’t get us wrong, we’re not bashing the oh-so-awesome flat iron. The right styling tool, in the right hands is so versatile but a few strokes too many and your hair straightener can leave you looking a little less Pocahontas and lot more cocker spaniel. The hot brush is the ultimate styling tool for anyone who doesn’t want poker straight locks and ghd’s new Glide has been designed specifically with ‘second day styling’ needs in mind.

ghd Glide

Offering the smooth finish of a flat iron and the movement of a hair dryer, the hot brush really comes into its own when you’re looking to style and go. There are loads of great hot brush options on the market at the moment but judging by the features of the new ghd Glide, it’s clear that this tool is going to stand just a little bit taller than the rest.

The brush features long detangling outer bristles that are cool to touch, so you can get them right into the root, as well as short inner bristles for precise shaping and styling. The bristles also feature anti-static ionic tech that helps to reduce frizz, giving a sleek finish. What’s more, in true ghd style, the brush features dual ceramic technology, offering equal heat distribution of 185 degrees Celsius across the brush, to give you fast and sleek results, without burning your hair. Oh yes, and for anyone who has ever burnt themselves while using a hot styling brush, the ceramic plates are also located on the inside of the brush, so burning yourself is a lot harder!

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Other features include a pearl ceramic coating, to ensure a snag-free brushing experience, as well as automatic sleep mode, which turns off the brush 60-minutes after non-use.

The ghd Glide hot brush is available online from ghd South Africa at R2,100. 

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