Top 3 Favourite Gins from the Gin & Tonic Festival 2016!

Gin and tonic festival cape town

If you’ve been following the food and drinks scene of late then you will probably know that Gin is a big deal again. Such a big deal that some clever sausage in Cape Town just had the idea to host a festival dedicated to the art of the G&T! Sadly, the festival sold out within two weeks so only a mere 2500 people had the pleasure of attending said festival – if you missed out, fear not! I was there to sip and sample all the delicious gins on offer for you and now I’m here to report back on my favourites on the day. There were an impressive amount of craft and big name Gin brands on show at the festival but only a few truly captivated my taste buds. Here are my top 3 favourite Gins from the Gin & Tonic Festival 2016!

1. Hendrick’s Gin – deliciously odd pairings.

Hendrick's Gin

Appreciated by Gin enthusiasts for its quirky character, premium taste, and striking vintage packaging, this premium Scottish gin is quickly becoming my new favourite gin of all time. I first sampled it a few months ago and even though I already knew how good it was I still made my way to the Hendrick’s stand to try their delicious Candy Floss Punch cocktail (made with cucumber, lemon, ginger and candy floss). Hendrick’s is all about odd pairings and it doesn’t get any more unique than pairing candy floss with gin! Needless to say, the cocktail was beyond delicious and I’m already making plans to enjoy a Hendrick’s G&T (or five) this weekend.

Grab a bottle online from the at just R389 – click here to buy it now. And, for more information say Hi to Hendrick’s Gin on Facebook.

2. KWC Cruxland Gin – something different


This fabulous new gin got me quite excited at the festival, especially when I discovered that it is infused with Kalahari Truffles! This super-premium London dry boutique gin is handcrafted and made from the highest quality 100% grape spirits and infused with nine exotic signature botanicals, including rare Kalahari N’abbas (truffles). The guys at the Cruxland Gin stand said it’s the perfect Gin to drink neat but I’m not quite there yet so I enjoyed mine with some craft tonic water and just a sprig of mint – divine! The packaging of this Gin is also super cool and you could almost imagine a cowboy swigging the stuff while riding his trusty stead.

Available from leading bottle stores at R299 per bottle. 

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3. Wilderer Fynbos Gin – proudly South African

Wilderer fynbos gin

This unique Fynbos Gin from Wilderer caught my eye the minute I walked into the festival. It is produced in harmony with nature using a variety of Fynbos botanicals, roots & spices, including wild dagga, honeybush, buchu and devil’s claw and the clearest spring water from the Franschhoek mountains. It’s best enjoyed with a few flavour combinations to truly bring out the smell and taste of the Fynbos hidden within. I enjoyed mine with some tonic water, a sprig of mint, cardamom and lemon.

Available online at R295 per bottle.

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